Diamonds, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Garnet and Citrine

We recommend a proprietary cleaner such as 'Jewellery Care Kit' to restore sparkle or alternatively a light wash in warm soapy water will help.


Emeralds need specialist care as not only are they soft but also naturally included. We recommend that you discuss their maintenance individually with your jewellery specialist.


After wearing pearls, wipe them with a soft, lightly moist cloth to remove any residue and return any moisture to them. Keep pearls in a box, soft bag or separately from other jewellery to prevent damage to the soft surface.

Platinum and Palladium

These are naturally occurring white metals, so their colour remains constant as they are extremely hard. A workshop polish and rhodium plate finish can add an extra sparkle.


Silver attracts a surface oxidization if not regularly worn. We recommend a silver care liquid which immediately restores the clean finish which is then buffed to a shine with a silver cloth which is impregnated with polish.

Yellow gold

A regular polish with a soft jewellery care cloth which is impregnated with polish will maintain a soft glow. For a bright, highly polished finish we can arrange a workshop clean.


Tanzanite is a gemstone even softer than some other stones and therefore avoid repeated use of a jewellery cleaner and simply use a mild, warm soapy solution.

White gold

White gold can be polished with a soft jewellery care cloth to maintain a soft shine, however, because there is a yellow gold content in white gold, it can occasionally appear as a soft cream colour. The bright, white colour can be restored at the workshop with a polish and an application of a hard plating of a platinum derivative called rhodium.

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