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diamond pendant

Power pendants make a comeback

We all have that one special necklace, you know the one, the dainty, subtle and inconspicuous one that goes with anything. The inoffensive one you can wear to work or out to lunch

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A stunning square blue tanzanite and diamond pendant

10 reasons to be tempted by tanzanite

1) Tanzanite is a blue-violet form of Zoisite with a colour range from deep blue to lavender-blue to rich violet. It is also pleochroic meaning it’s colour appears to change in d

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Three stone gold & Diamond ring

Rings Fit for Royal Engagements

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first appearance as an engaged couple earlier this week, all eyes were on Markle’s left hand and the royal engagement ring.  W

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An emerald cut and polished Citrine

15 Interesting notes on citrine

1. Sunny citrine is a transparent yellow variety of quartz found in shades ranging from pale lemon to golden honey and even sometimes amber-brown. 2. The most highly prized specime

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Modern Proposals: Alternative Engagement Rings for Couples with Character

Recent research was undertaken by insurance giants Allianz suggests that young couples are ditching the traditional Tiffany-style diamond solitaire and instead choosing coloured st

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11 Things To Know About Topaz

                1. Along with citrine, Topaz is the birthstone for November. 2. In the UK, Topaz in its blue form is also the stone for 4th

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6 Wedding Band Ideas for Men

Wedding rings for men have come a long way, but assuming the groom isn’t much of a jewellery-wearer, finding something he will commit to wearing for life might be tricky. Perhaps

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Gifts for the Girls: a Guide to Bridal party Giving

Your best girls have been with you through it all; from the joy of the proposal to the intricacies and stresses of wedding planning, what’s more, they’ve devised the perfect se

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