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18 Alluring Aquamarine Facts

1. Aquamarines are a blue-green form of beryl, just like it’s more purely-green relation, emerald. 2. It’s this pastel blue-green colour that the stone is named after, as ‘Aq

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Now & Forever: 19 Notes on Promise and Eternity Rings

What are promise and eternity rings? And when do you give them? Let us de-mystify these tokens of love and commitment with our essential guide. 9ct White Gold, Tanzanite and Diamon

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Engagement ring in the style of Olivia Palermo's cushion cut yellow diamond

Pre-eminent Engagements: Rings of the Rich and Famous 

When anybody gets engaged almost always the first thing everyone wants to do (after giving their congratulations, of course) is to see ‘THE’ ring. Whether a huge rock or a dain

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Gold-plated flower necklace

Country Romance

Love in the city can be wildly exciting and super-chic, it can lend an air of refined avant-garde, yet it also has rather less attractive connotations too. The backdrop to romance

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Amethyst drop earrings

Amazing Amethyst: 20 reasons this ultimate all-rounder deserves a place in your jewellery box

1.The master-healer, amethyst is thought to be helpful in resolving almost any issue and enhancing the overall experience of life on all levels. Meditative and calming it promotes

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pink tourmaline ring

Love Rocks: Gemstones to say ‘I love you’

Jewellery must surely be the ultimate (and most desired) Valentine’s Day gift. Chocolates and flowers are lovely and certainly never unwelcome, but nothing quite matches the thri

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Venus surrounded by roses

Venus in Jewels: The Art of Adorning the Goddess of Love

She is the goddess of thousand names; a truly global goddess with a primordial past, who has inspired artists from the earliest prehistory to the present day, it seems we are endle

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Rough Garnet

17 Diverting Facts On Glorious Garnets

1. Whilst we are generally familiar with the traditional red garnet, did you know that garnets actually come in a huge variety of colours? Almost all colours are represented with g

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