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Trend Watch: Grooms and Ushers 2019

Everyone talks a lot about the latest wedding trends for brides, but what about the groom and his ushers? We’ve taken a look at the top trends that are going to be front and cent

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Win Your Wedding Rings 2018

It’s back! At the Autumn Wedding Rings Event 2018, Biagio is once again giving one lucky couple the chance to win their wedding rings. All you need to do to enter is book a &

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 A Brief History of the Wedding Ring

Choosing your wedding rings is very exciting and special time. With many believing that the swapping of rings on your big day signifies your continual love and commitment to each o

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Renew, Repair, Restore, Restyle: Expert Jewellery Workshop Services

Favourite piece of jewellery looking a little lacklustre? Inherited a piece that means a lot, but is just not your style? Perhaps your watch is simply in need of a new battery? Bia

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Trend Watch: Weddings 2019

With this year’s wedding season drawing to a close, it is time to take a look forward to 5 trends that are going to be taking centre-stage in 2019: 1. Festival weddings Increasin

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Tourmaline – 9 tantalising facts about this chameleon of a gemstone

1. Tourmaline is not only October’s birthstone, it is also the gemstone that marks the 8th anniversary and the Zodiac sign of ‘Leo’. 2. Very few gems match up to tourmali

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Top 11 Affordable Payday Treats: Jewellery That Won’t Break the Bank

Joy! You’ve made it to the end of another month and with payday on the horizon for many, surely it’s time to reward yourself with a sparkling little something? The good news is

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Trendwatch: The Emmys 2018

We’ve been soaking up the glitz and glamour that was displayed on the gold carpet at TV’s biggest party, the 70th annual Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. When all of our favourite T

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