The Marquise Cut
At Biagio we pride ourselves on creating the perfect bespoke pieces for you and your loved one as well as providing a range of designer brands to choose from. If you are searching for the perfect engagement ring then our selection of marquise cut diamond engagement rings will give you the best choice in the market place.

History Behind the Cut

The word Marquise derives from the French language meaning noblewoman and also refers to the wife of a Marquess. The marquise diamond is a uniquely shaped diamond also known as a Navette shape and refers to the French dialogue meaning 'little boat', this shape being reflected in the style of the diamond. Marquise diamonds are native to the French and specifically the French monarchy in the era of King Louis XV when he had a marquise diamond cut as a gift for his mistress Madame (Marquis) de Pompadour in the mid 1700's. It is said historically that the marquis diamond was fashioned by King Louis XV as the shape reminded him of Madame de Pompadours smile.

The Perfect Shape

In terms of technical aspects the classic marquise cut tends to have a length to width ratio of 1.75 - 2.15 with colour grades D-G having the highest popularity however this is entirely personal choice and at Biagio we can assist you in the creation of the perfect marquise engagement ring for you. The idea of the marquise cut is to create the illusion of a larger diamond by creating a narrow diamond that is long in length with perfect symmetry.

Who wears them?

Marquise diamonds have continued to be popular throughout the ages with famous celebrity couples including the ever fashionable Beckham's. David Beckham proposed to Victoria Beckham back in 1998 with a 3 carat marquise cut diamond set on a yellow gold band. Catherine Zeta-Jones also sports a 10 carat sideways marquise engagement ring whilst Portia de Rossi wears a beautiful 3 carat marquise diamond engagement ring which has a setting of small pink diamonds surrounding the centrally placed marquise cut diamond and also features a twisted band.

Design Options

The design options for marquise cut rings are limitless and at Biagio we feature a range of marquise cut diamond engagement rings with many options in metal type, stone size, stone colour, stone clarity and ring size to choose from. We also guarantee UK hallmarked (nickel free) jewellery with a 1 year warranty. The marquise type of engagement ring is so special because the design options enable you to create a truly unique piece for your loved one. The marquise cut diamond can be set as a single stone or you can choose to surround the marquise cut diamond with smaller stones both around the edge of the centrepiece or on the surrounding band which will help to reflect the light and brilliance of this truly beautiful cut. We also provide other marquise diamond jewellery for you including beautiful marquise cut earrings and pendants which could be given as a perfect gift on your wedding day or anniversary to match the beautiful marquise engagement ring and remind your loved one of how special they are.
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