Square Cut Diamond
Buying an engagement ring for your loved one is fraught with stress. You need a diamond that will impress her eyes and suit her personality. She should fall in love with the right at first sight and the ring should be something that she will treasure forever. These requirements are hard to fulfill and no doubt you've already started looking at samples. But before you make a choice, we recommend you take a look at square cut diamond engagement rings. Of all the cuts available in diamonds, the square cut is the most attractive, and frankly, the most affordable as well. The square shape is attractive an all hands and fingers and it is a classic shape that will appeal to every woman. However, don't take our word for it. Here is a little info about square cut diamond engagement rings and why they are perfect for any woman.

A Little History about the Square Cut

The square cut is probably the most common and popular cut in diamonds. The cut was created in the early-1980s and it is similar to the princess cut and is also know as the square modified brilliant. The first person to create this cut were Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz. These legendary gem cutters created the cut to display a raw diamond as clearly as possible but to display the lowest number of defects. The diamond is square on its face up but it is an inverted pyramid on the underside. This cut is attractive as it combines a high degree of brilliance with a classic shape. These diamonds are also cheaper as it retains more than 50% of the rough as compared to other diamonds that use up almost 80% of the rough. Furthermore, the diamond forms a part of an octahedron rough stone. Due to this octahedron shape, two square cut diamonds can be acquired from the same stone and this greater yield translates to a lower cost for the square diamond.

Technical Specifications

  1. Due to modifications in the basic cut, the number of facets on a square cut diamond will vary from 49-144. Appearance can also be modified by chevron cuts. This is because by increasing the chevron cuts on the diamond, the square cut diamond can be given a 'crushed ice' look. Reducing the number of chevron cuts will lend a chunky, broad look to the stone.
  2. Length to width ratios will also vary from 1.00 to 1.09. These variations will also change the shape of the square cut diamond. For example, a square cut diamond with a L/W ratio of 1.05 will appear perfectly square while a diamond with a L/W ratio of 1.12 will appear slightly rectangular.
  3. Table percentage will vary from 53 to about 70 depending on quality and stone size. You should know though that carat for carat, the surface area of a square cut diamond is 10% less than a similar carat round diamond. This means that the diamond may be smaller but due to the square cut, it gives the illusion of being larger in size than the round diamond.
  4. The good news is that you will get a huge range of color and clarity varieties in square cut diamonds. Some clients may prefer darker colors that range from G-H but others may like cooler colors that range from D-F. This will influence the price of the diamond.

Choosing a Good Square Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Now that you know a few technical details, here are a few tips to follow while searching for square cut diamond engagement rings.
  1. You are actually ready to start looking for engagement rings and wedding rings. Yes, you read this right. It's always a good idea to buy both engagement rings and weddings rings at the same time. Not only do you manage to save money, but you also get a matched pair that looks very attractive on your loved one's hand.
  2. Pick an unusual design like engagement rings and wedding rings with gemstones, bezel settings, tension settings, etc. Antique or vintage designs are quite popular at present. You can definitely find unique eternity rings, Claddagh rings, and Celtic designs. By using these unique engagement rings, you are more likely to create an impact.
These may just be a few tips but they are enough to get you started. Don't forget to browse our store to get an accurate idea of how square cut diamond engagement rings actually look like. In case you want help, please do call, email or write to us and we will guide you through the complexity of a diamond purchase.
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