Radiant Cut
The radiant cut diamond is a square or rectangular shaped diamond characterised by trimmed corners. Combining the style and elegance of the emerald cut diamond with the brilliance of the round cut diamond; a radiant diamond has 70 facets which highlights its colour and brilliance.

History of the Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant cut diamonds are a superb choice for engagement rings and wedding rings and are a popular choice with discerning buyers. The radiant cut diamond was designed by Henry Grossbard of the Radiant Cut Diamond Company (RCDC) in 1977. Grossbard invented a hybrid cutting style that changed the face of diamond cutting especially towards square or rectangular stones.  He managed to create a diamond cut that possessed all the brilliance of triangular-faceted diamonds such as the oval and pear, but contain it in a square shape. This was groundbreaking and has been influential in other diamond cutting developments over the years.

The popularity of radiant cut diamonds

The radiant cut diamond can disperse more light through the many facets of the stone making it one of the most brilliant square and rectangular-shaped diamond cuts that exist. It also hides flaws better than other shapes.A radiant cut diamond looks fantastic as a solitaire but it also looks great when paired with side stones of different cuts such as princess or trillion. Radiant cut diamonds have become popular because:
  • They have great clarity and conceal flaws well
  • They are more durable than some cuts such as princess cut.
  • More of the stone is visible
A radiant cut diamond can add a unique twist to a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring or it can be accented with other radiant cut diamonds or round stones for a bespoke design.Whether you’re looking for a white gold engagement ring or traditional yellow gold, a radiant cut diamond will enhance its appearance. At Biagio we have a wide range of engagement rings with round, ovalmarquisecushion, princess, trillion, heart, emerald and of course, radiant diamond cuts so if you are unsure about what you want then please get in touch and we will help you with your decision.
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