The Princess Cut Diamond
Diamonds can be found in over 30 countries including Africa, Russia, Australia and Brazil but it wasn’t until the 1930s that they really grew in popularity for engagement rings. This can largely be put down to a big advertising campaign that De Beers, a huge mining company, ran using Hollywood stars to promote diamonds and once the phrase ‘A Diamond is Forever’ was coined, diamonds have been used in engagement rings ever since.The Princess Cut Diamond is the second most popular cut shape for diamonds, next to a round brilliant. The princess cut is a relatively new diamond cut and was created in the 1960s and has grown in popularity ever since. Essentially, the princess diamond is a square brilliant cut diamond with sharp uncut corners. Referred to as a fancy shape, it is actually more square in shape than rectangular and it is cut to accentuate the fire of the diamond more than its lustre.

The brilliance and fire of princess cut diamonds

Combining the brilliance of a round cut with a square appearance, the unique shape of the princess cut diamond benefits from having approximately 76 facets which showcases the brilliance and fire of the diamond to dramatic effect.A princess cut is set with prongs that protect the four corners of the stone because this is where it is most likely to chip. It also helps to hide any flaws that may be in the diamond.The princess cut has been specifically designed for getting the ultimate in fire and brilliance from a square cut. Princess cut diamonds are also generally cheaper per carat compared with round cut diamonds. This is because when a raw diamond is shaped into a princess cut, less material is wasted.

How to choose a princess cut diamond

When choosing a princess cut diamond you should check that there are no serious inclusions on the corners where the prongs are set. This is the weakest spot and it’s where flaws are most likely to be. When evaluating the colour of a princess cut diamond, a visible yellow tint will indicate that it is of a lower grade. In the vast majority of princess cut diamonds you won’t see a noticeable difference in colour with the naked eye so it’s not something that you should be unduly worried about.

Making the right choice

Princess cut diamonds are well know for being flattering on the finger and they are a very popular choice for engagement rings. As well as princess cut diamond engagement rings you can also get roundovalmarquisecushion and radiant cuts to name just a few. Whether you’re looking for a white gold princess cut diamond engagement ring or traditional yellow gold, at Biagio we can help you make the right choice.
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