How to pick the perfect wedding ring

The wedding ring is the single most enduring symbol of your marriage. After the ceremony and celebrations, you will look at your ring every day. It is, therefore, a lifetime investment, and perhaps the most important and symbolic purchase a couple will make when planning their wedding, so take time to research your rings and plan them into your budget.

The greatest influence on the style of the wedding ring is the setting of your engagement ring. The band should fit neatly with the engagement ring. The metals can blend with or complement each other. The profile and width of the ring can either match or instead act as a contrast to the engagement ring.
Will the ring have diamonds? More and more brides are choosing diamond-set wedding rings, either in place of a diamond engagement ring plus plain wedding band combination, or to accentuate the brilliance of the diamonds in their engagement ring.  A diamond-set wedding band can complement an engagement ring beautifully if designed expertly. Some of the latest designs incorporate a row of diamonds on the ‘off‘ side of the wedding ring, similar to the look of an eternity ring, but creating an integral pairing with the engagement ring. You may, however, feel that a more classic plain band would better enhance your engagement ring.
Couples often choose a design for the groom to complement the bride’s band, but this is by no means obligatory! More men are seeking contemporary designs whether plain or set with a few diamonds. A black diamond exudes style and luxury. The choice of metal can include gold, platinum, or even titanium or palladium, a lighter, but harder derivative of platinum.
A band incorporating two metals gives a striking contrast and can represent two people coming together as one.“It is my passion to create the ‘dream ring’ for our couples,” says Biagio. “We can show you rings from a number of collections, but infinite variations are possible. If we do not have the exact ring, we can create a bespoke ‘one off’ design for something truly unique. The ring is an everlasting token of your love for each other, a circle without beginning and without end.”
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