Pear Cut Diamonds
At Biagio we have a wonderful choice of diamond engagement rings for you to choose from including cushion cut, marquiseround and the ever popular pear cut designs.If you are searching for the perfect pear cut engagement ring then look no further our selection has all the design options you will need and we can even provide customised jewellery to match including necklaces and earrings.

What is the Pear cut

The idea of the pear cut diamond design is to combine the cuts of the marquise and round diamond styles resulting in the image of a pear drop or tear shaped design and is known as a hybrid diamond, a result of mixing two different diamond types. In terms of history the pear cut diamond is historically referred to as the royal’s choice of stone featuring prominently in the design of the crown jewels and is reflective of royalty and nobility. It is a classical cut and popular choice for those wishing to buy an engagement ring that reflects extravagance and wealth. The pear cut diamond should always be worn with the tip of the pear pointing towards the wearers hand to best show its qualities and design. In terms of technical aspects the pear cut will always look best when it is symmetrical in its cut and design. The best length to width guide is a 1.5 to 1.7 ratio but again this is personal preference. The diamond grades D-F are the choice for cooler colours but if you wish to have a design with more warmth then the best choices for colour would be G - H as these reflect warmer tones.

Who has been wearing a Pear Cut Diamond Ring

Pear cut diamonds are definitely making a comeback amongst famous celebrity couples and most recently Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have allegedly got engaged with her sporting a vintage style pear shaped diamond ring of 2 carats set in a halo design. Other prominent celebrity couples who have opted for the pear shaped cut include Victoria Beckham who has a 15 carat pear shaped diamond ring amongst her engagement ring collection, and singer Avril Lavigne who sports a 14 carat pear shaped design.

Choosing your Design

At Biagio we feature a variety of pear cut diamond engagement rings for you to choose from including an option for an elegant understated design with a single pear cut diamond placed on a plain band. For those who wish to have more than just one stone then our Giallo design is a popular option featuring both natural yellow and white pear cut diamonds for that vintage feel. We also have a beautiful pear cut ruby ring which has additional sparkling fine white diamonds surrounding the centre stone and is perfect if you wish to use birthstones or gemstones in your loved one’s ring design. At Biagio we can also provide bespoke wedding rings and additional jewellery gifts in a pear drop design including earrings and necklaces so that all of your gifts are covered and you can be assured of quality jewellery that will be loved for a lifetime. 
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