Citrine, whose name derives from the Latin for citrus - citrinus, is a yellow quartz, much rarer than its cousins amethyst and smoky quartz. Its colour can range from pale yellow to amber, depending on the amount of iron present in the crystal. Sometimes mistaken for yellow topaz, although not as hard, it can also be produced by heating amethysts or smoky quartz to a high temperature.  Most citrines today come from Brazil; indeed citrine was once called Brazilian topaz. It has been admired throughout several eras, especially by the Romans, in the 19th century and in the Art Deco period.
Did you know?
  • Citrine is the birthstone for November.
  • Some crystals are found which contain both citrine and amethyst together; these are known as ametrine.
  • Citrine jewellery is often given to celebrate a 13th or 17th wedding anniversary.
  • In ancient times, citrines were used as amulets to protect the wearer from snake venom.
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