Yellow Gold Engagement Rings
The most malleable pure metal known to man, gold has been prized since the earliest times for its pliability, resistance to tarnish and above all for its beauty. Kings have used gold as currency since 560 BC, but it has also been used as an ornament and in jewellery for thousands of years. The colour of gold varies according to its purity. Absolutely pure gold is measured as 24 carat. Yellow goldcontains 53% gold, 25% silver and 22% copper.
Did you know?
A 50th wedding anniversary is known as the golden anniversary. The legend of the golden fleece may be a reference to the use in antiquity of fleeces to collect gold dust from alluvial deposits. In the Middle Ages, the nobility sometimes used gold flake as a food decoration to demonstrate their wealth or because they believed that such a valuable material must also have health benefits.

A timeless and classic choice

But by far the most common use for yellow gold is in jewellery. Yellow gold engagement rings and wedding rings have been the symbols of love and partnership for generations so when it comes to choosing a yellow gold engagement ring you need a ring that will last you a lifetime and also be able to be passed down to future generations. Yellow gold is a timeless and classic choice for your engagement ring. Before the popularity of white goldrose gold and platinum, yellow gold was regarded as the only suitable choice for engagement rings and it’s still the number one choice for many couples today. Yellow gold is suitable for a wide range of ring styles from traditional designs and vintage pieces to contemporary settings. Yellow gold works perfectly with diamonds and creates an eye-catching contrast and lustre with other gem stones as well. There is a warmth to yellow gold that gives it an eternal appeal. If you are looking for a yellow gold engagement ring and would like some advice on styles, settings and the variety of gem stones to complement the piece then please get in touch.Your engagement is a special time in your life and the choosing of a yellow gold engagement ring is the perfect way to mark the moment. Call us or visit our jewellery consultants in store. For an appointment with Biagio Patalano please call 01869 252323.
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