Vintage Style Black Diamond Engagement Rings
Vintage black diamond engagement rings are rare and create a unique statement. For anybody who is looking for jewellery that offers something a little different then a vintage black diamond engagement ring will get you noticed. When black diamonds are paired with white gold the effect can be stunning. Combining with platinum or silver can also be very alluring.Black and white jewellery in vintage designs are highly popular and when black diamonds are contrasted with white diamonds the effect can be pretty dazzling. You can choose from intricately designed antique-inspired rings as well as contemporary styled settings, depending on your personal taste and preferences.

A variety of styles and designs

Our black diamond engagement rings come in a variety of styles and designs including solitaires, rings with halos, rings which are channel-set and traditional full bezel settings. As well as white gold, we can also offer you yellow goldrose gold, mixed gold and platinum all with black diamonds beautifully cut and set. Whether you are looking for black diamonds that are round, oval, princess cutpear, heart, marquise or cushion shape; we can create the perfect black diamond engagement ring for you.

Types of black diamond

Black diamonds are available as natural, cultured or enhanced with natural being the rarest and most expensive variety. As well as being more affordable, cultured and enhanced black diamonds tend to be more striking because of their colouring and flawless finish. Natural black diamonds or Carbonado black diamonds, although much rarer, tend to have more flaws and lack a bit of the sparkle of the cultured and enhanced varieties. However, because of their rarity, they carry great value.

What to look for in a black diamond engagement ring

If you are looking for a vintage black diamond engagement ring be sure that then when you are choosing that you check the appearance of the diamond for flaws and its intensity of colour. A good black diamond will be flawless, smooth and glossy on its surface and have a deep rich darkness that is very attractive. Black diamonds are actually denser and harder than white diamonds and they will look smaller compared to a white diamond of the same carat and weight. When you combine black and white diamonds together then the overall effect can be very dramatic and eye-catching.If you would prefer to introduce some colour into the ring then yellow diamonds can be a very striking option. Speak to your jeweller and ask them about other coloured precious stones and how they can complement black diamonds to create a bold look.When choosing an engagement ring as unique and striking as a black diamond ring then it is important to view a wide selection so that you can get a clear idea of the variety of designs available and the way it looks with different precious metals and stones. At Biagio we would be happy to advise you so please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
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