Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

What To Look For

Selecting an engagement ring is a huge job. After all, your fiancée will be wearing the ring for the rest of her life and she should fall in love with it at first glance. This is no mean feat and you may already be worrying about what will look good on your fiancée's fingers.No need to worry though as oval cut diamond engagement rings look perfect on almost any woman's hands. However, don't be fooled into picking shoddy quality diamond rings. Make sure that your oval cut diamond ring has the right history and pedigree by verifying these facts.


The oval diamond cut evolved from the round diamond cut. According to some historians, most jewelers use the simple and popular round diamond cut for all diamond stones. However, it was Lazare Kaplan who created the oval diamond cut. The Russian-born diamond cutter introduced the oval cut diamond in the late 1960s and he was able to create several awe-inspiring diamonds with his unique perception and cutting skills. His original cut had 58 facets located on an elongated crown.

Choosing Your Oval Cut Diamond

Now that you know a little history, you can start browsing for the perfect oval-cut diamond ring. Here is what you look for.


Most oval cut diamonds are set on a prong setting. The 6-prong setting is particularly recommended as it is stable and secure. It is also the best way to display the oval cut. Bezel settings are also popular as the central stone is surrounded by smaller stones which ensure stability and maximum reflection. In case you don't like these two settings, take a look at side-stone oval settings. In these settings, colored or neutral stones may be placed to the side of the oval diamond to create a delicate but innovative look.

Technical Terms

Jewelry will describe an oval cut diamond as a squashed round brilliant. Traditional oval cuts will have 58 facets and an aspect ratio that ranges from 1.33 to about 1.66. You should know that a 'bow-tie' effect is created when light moves through the transparent stone. This effect results in a shadow across the central facets of the cut and it can be highlighted or downplayed depending on the cutter's expertise. High grade diamonds reflect this cut the best. In the oval cut, inclusions and defects are easily detectable and you may have to spend more for a good quality stone.The oval cut diamond engagement ring seems very popular with celebrities at present. The most fashionable oval cut engagement ring is sported by Blake Lively. The Hollywood star wears a unique light pink-toned diamond engagement ring carried on a rose-gold band. Star Amber Rose too, flashed a 10-carat oval cut clear-white oval diamond engagement right in a solitaire style.Katie Holmes announced her engagement with a 5-carat oval cut diamond balanced on a six-carat halo and white gold band. Historic stones too was cut in an oval shape to showcase their unique color and style. The Koh-i-noor was cut into an oval shape and the diamond currently occupies pride of place in the British royal jewel collection. Similarly, the Dresden White Diamond is a beautiful 47-carat (9.4 g) antique diamond that has been cut into an oval brilliant shape and it is in a private collection.
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