Canary Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
With an extraordinary golden colour that makes them stand out, canary yellow diamond engagement rings are a splendid way to show your love.You can chose a canary diamond engagement ring in a wide variety of settings and colours designed specifically to meet even the most exacting standards.At Biagio, our canary yellow diamond range offers so many choices in terms of cut of diamond and metal for the ring itself that you can be sure to find the one that best shows your commitment to your future bride.Yellow diamonds are currently in great demand, more so in fact than any other coloured diamond on the market today. The general upsurge in popularity is due to the growing trend for celebrities to choose yellow diamond rings and this, together with their scarcity and unique features, have added to their appeal.

Highly sought after

Canary yellow diamonds are one of the most popular of all coloured diamonds. Some people think that diamonds only come in the colourless pure form, but in fact diamonds come in a variety of different colours.A diamonds colour is given a letter grading with D, E and F being colourless. G-J are rated as “near colourless”. K-M are rated “faint” with N-R “very light and finally S-Z as “light”.The purest diamonds have absolutely no colour whatsoever as its slight imperfections that cause the colouring.  However,  the intense canary yellow stones have become very fashionable and are highly sought after.

How are diamonds made?

Yellow diamonds are no different to clear diamonds in so much as they are formed over millions of years, but having slight traces of Nitrogen as an additional element within them creates the colouring.It takes intensely high temperatures and huge pressure deep below the earth’s surface to create a diamond. When the stone gets mined that is where the expertise comes in as the rough stone is polished and cut to turn the ugly duckling of a rough stone, into the beautiful swan which is the finished diamond.

Favoured by celebrities

One of the advantages of natural yellow diamonds, apart from being unique and attractive looking, is that they usually do cost less per carat than totally colourless ones. Prices for diamonds though just like anything else do fluctuate due to supply and demand pressure.Canary yellow diamonds offer the chance for a bright vibrant look and that does appeal to the fashion conscious. When celebrity brides to be are photographed for glossy magazines showing off their new canary yellow engagement ring it can cause a surge in demand from people wanting to emulate them.When fashion icons like super model Heidi Klum and tennis star Anna Kournikova show the world their canary yellow diamond engagement ring it does fuel demand.

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Colourless diamonds for engagement rings are considered the traditional option but today, young brides to be are becoming more adventurous and are therefore willing to choose something a little different. A yellow diamond engagement ring meets this criteria.If you need help deciding which type of engagement ring would be best for you then please get in touch, we would be delighted to help.
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