Yellow Diamonds
Are you looking for a yellow diamond engagement ring?The distinctive yellow diamonds are given their intense yellow colour because of Nitrogen impurities and the yellow colour grading can vary between a very pale yellow through to brown which are sometimes referred to as “Chocolate Diamonds”.Depending on the colour and the fashion trends of the day some colours can make the diamond increase in value. For example throughout history there have been some very famous coloured diamonds none more so than the blue “Hope Diamond”. Coloured diamonds are special and vintage yellow diamond rings have a certain style which means they will never go out of fashion.

Celebrity Yellow Diamond Rings

In recent years yellow diamonds have become a lot more fashionable with many top stars getting engaged with a yellow diamond ring.Kelly Clarkson, who won American Idol, was proposed to by her boyfriend with a canary diamond and platinum engagement ring. The 5-carat yellow diamond was surrounded with a white diamond halo and was designed by Johnathon Arndt.Paris Hilton, famous for some fairly short relationships it has to be said, received a 24-carat emerald cut canary diamond ring from Greek billionaire businessman Paris Latsis reputed to have cost around $5million.Jennifer Lopez, when she gave birth to her twins, was given an 8-carat canary diamond ring as a gift.Heidi Klum probably wins the prize for the best proposal with her now ex-husband Seal giving her a 10-carat yellow oval diamond on top of a glacier in an igloo!

Where in the World?

There are quite a few countries in the world where diamonds can be mined and the countries where yellow diamonds are found are mainly Angola, Brazil, Borneo, Central African Republic, Congo, and Sierra Leone.Sierra Leone's diamond mining industry is a huge part of its total economy and it accounts for almost half of its total exports in financial terms. About 35% of the diamonds exported are industrial grade with the remaining 65% being gem quality diamonds.The yellow diamonds that are found in the Zimmi mine in Sierra Leone are extremely rare and have an intense yellow colour making them very popular as yellow diamond engagement rings in the UK.

Choosing the right combination

Choosing the correct metal for your yellow diamond engagement ring is very important and should be chosen to complement it, not distract from it. Getting the perfect match between metal and stone is no more than the bride-to-be deserves so take the time to choose the right combination. When it comes to the band do you want thin or thick? It’s a matter of style but a thin band has the advantage of making the diamond look bigger. If you’re unsure, then our expert team at Biagio can help you choose.

Get advice

If you are not sure exactly what is going to be best it’s always better to deal with a reputable jeweller like Biagio. We have many years experience in the jewellery industry and we would be happy to help.
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