Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Rose gold diamond engagement rings can be unique options for couples who want to share their love in a special and distinct way. These rings are particularly valued because of the way that the rose gold plays with the diamonds. They are very versatile options and they can provide wearers with a variety of stylish advantages that they would simply not find with other rings. However, much like any other purchase, it is important to know what to expect with these rings in order to make the most of the future investment.

Benefits of Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the most distinct features of the rose gold diamond ring is its color. It is a very soft, almost ethereal tone of rose. The gold elements are still pleasant, but the softness of the red hues gives the ring a more natural tone. This results in a more versatile type of gold that can be set with many different gemstones. The color is often chosen to represent budding love and new beginnings, especially because of how carnal and passionate the red tones are.

How Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings are Made

Rose gold is usually made by combining several metallic alloys together to get the desired strength and color. The highest karat version that rose gold can be found in is known as crown gold. This is a 22 karat piece, and 18 karat red gold may be made from 25% copper and 75% gold. When individuals look into 18 karat rose gold rings, they will typically invest in about 4% silver as well, which will be added to the 75% gold and the 21% copper in order to give it the desired rose color. These are very popular rings.

Best Styles for Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Some of the best styles for the rose gold diamond ring include princess cuts and other round cuts. Round cuts work best because they allow the glow of the ring to take over the presence of the entire piece. More often than not, individuals who invest in these rings will also be able to benefit from an emerald cut because of how stately the ring can look. However, individuals should avoid investing in cuts that are too blocky or angular, as they might take away from the smoother flow that the rest of the ring has.

Famous Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Rose gold has become a huge trend for all types of engagement rings this year. It is easy to see why. These warm rings are a bright contrast against diamonds, and many people are catching up on the trend. Celebrities are wearing these rings more often than ever now. Blake Lively, for instance, is enjoying a beautiful rose gold engagement ring, along with Leighton Meester. Katie Holmes also invested in this ring and she loves the way that it looks, even if her marriage did not work out so well. Many people are able to benefit from these options.