Cheap Gold Engagement Rings
Most people have a budget when choosing a gold engagement ring and will be looking for value for money. However, if you choose a gold engagement ring that is too cheap then ultimately this is likely to be a false economy. With cheap gold engagement rings the materials that are used will be sub-standard, the workmanship is likely to be poor quality and in the long run, you will probably end up having to replace it due to wear and tear. An engagement ring is a token of your love and appreciation for your partner and it should last a lifetime. With this in mind when you’re looking for a gold engagement ring you should choose one that is good quality, will stand the test of time and is made to a high standard. At Biagio we are passionate about the quality of the gold we use in our jewellery, the expertise and precision that we demonstrate when we are creating the setting, and the quality and durability of the gem stones we use. This is how we have built our reputation.

An investment for the future

Buying a good quality gold engagement ring is a much wiser investment than trying to save money and compromising on an inferior piece of jewellery. Cheap gold engagement rings use less gold, feel lightweight and insubstantial, and are easier to scratch, dent and damage. Most gold engagement rings will use additional metals to add strength but it is the quantity and integrity of those metals that are so important in determining the quality of the ring. With cheap metals, staining can occur and in some cases may even bring about an allergic reaction. The cheaper the gold and additional metals, the more likely this will happen. There is also the question of colour. When you add other metals to the mix the colour of the gold changes and with cheap gold it is easy to tell the difference when you compare it to an engagement ring that contains more pure gold. The greater the gold content, the better and more authentic the colour of the gold will be.

Competitively priced gold engagement rings

If you are looking for a high quality gold engagement ring but don’t want to pay an extortionate price for it then it pays to deal with a competitively priced jeweller like Biagio. At Biagio we are very price conscious and we are committed to giving you the best quality gold engagement rings available to fit in with your budget. Your engagement is a landmark moment in your life and it should be celebrated in style.An engagement ring should be made to last a lifetime and then passed down to other generations so we would advise you to buy the best quality gold engagement ring your budget allows. Gold engagement rings are timeless and will never go out of fashion. If you need any advice about selecting an engagement ring that suits your personal taste and personality then please get in touch. We would be delighted to guide you through the process, call us or visit our jewellery consultants in store. For an appointment with Biagio Patalano please call 01869 252323.
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