Black and White Diamond Engagement Rings
A black and white diamond engagement ring makes a unique and striking choice. The combination of black and white diamonds makes for a stunning look that is sure to make the eyes of your loved one sparkle every bit as much as the ring itself. As one of the hottest trends in jewellery at the moment, the contrast of black and white diamonds is highly sought after so if you’re looking for an engagement ring that makes a statement then a black and white diamond engagement ring will speak volumes.Whether you’re looking for an exquisitely designed vintage-inspired ring or a bold contemporary piece then we have a variety of styles and designs that are sure to inspire you. From traditional round, oval and princess cuts to pear, heart and modern cuts, we have black and white diamond engagement rings to suit all tastes and budgets.

Make an impact

When paired with white gold or platinum, black and white diamonds make a sensational impact. If your preference is for yellow gold or rose gold, then black and white diamonds make a ravishing contrast and when other coloured precious stones are introduced such as yellow diamonds the effect can be dazzling. Whatever your requirements, we can help you make your decision and show you the different cuts, styles, designs and stone combinations that are available.

Eternity rings

If you are looking for eternity rings, then our black and white diamond eternity rings make a wonderful choice. We can show you which eternity rings will complement your wedding and engagement rings to their best effect and we would be happy to show you the styles and designs that are available.There are two main styles of eternity rings - full eternity rings and half eternity rings. Full eternity rings are normally set with diamonds around the entire shank. They tend to be slim in design and work perfectly with the wedding and engagement ring. A half eternity ring will normally have diamonds halfway around the band, either in uniform shape and size or in a tapered design with diamonds of graduating sizes. The effect of alternate black and white diamonds on either of these styles can be quite stunning and makes a striking impact.To find out more about our exciting range of black and white diamond engagement and eternity rings please contact us now.
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