Buying an Engagement Ring
Biagio shares his knowledge on what to consider.

The Origins

The wearing a ring on the fourth finger is a romantic tradition dating back 7000 years ago, when the Ancient Egyptians believed the ‘vena amoris’ ran from the fourth finger of the left hand straight to the heart, the vein of love. The eternal circle with no beginning or end represented by a ring became worn on the wedding finger. Anthropologists found the tradition of the engagement proposal dated from the Romans. A man would present an engagement ring, in early times this would have be made of iron to show a permanent commitment before evolving in later times to gold, to his loved one after she said ‘Yes’ as a show of acceptance to her husband.Diamonds were thought to possess magical, protective powers, and in the Middle Ages often birthstones were commissioned for engagement rings. Possible inspired by the ancient belief that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds, the diamond became a universal symbol of love. In 1477 Archduke Maximillian of Austria was the first man to commission an engagement ring, a gold band set with an M of baguette diamonds symbolising her first initial, for his betrothed Mary of Burgundy. This started the trend for diamond engagement rings across Europe and has since been seen as a token of love and dedication.

How do you choose an engagement ring?

Today, thanks to the availability of exceptional jewels, every girl can feel like royalty. Hasn’t every girl with dreams of marriage imagined the engagement ring and expression of eternal devotion she would love to receive?And yet, since every diamond is rare and individual from nature, a diamond symbolises the love of a couple with its enduring and durable facets. Varying in size, shape, colour and clarity – there is a sense of mystery surrounding the stones which can make the choice of an engagement ring daunting. There is no one trend in engagement rings it is a deeply personal choice and statement, a magnificent central diamond continues to be the most desired style.At Biagio we aim to make your choice a pleasure, whether you are musing over our extensive engagement ring collection, designing your own, or perhaps opting for the more novel idea of owning a single, loose diamond.So how will you know what she will like? the best way is to look at her existing jewellery styles she wears, particularly in rings thinking about sizes and shape she chooses. Does she like a simple and minimal look? or look for details and embellishments in clothes and jewellery? This would give us a good start when we chat in-store and look at styles with you. You may be able to covertly ask her family or friends whom she may of enthusiastically chatted to about rings and even what she may imagine her perfect engagement ring would look like. We do have a failsafe option of a ‘buffer ring’ where we give you a ring presented in a Biagio engagement ring box for you to propose with, ultimately in the style you think she would like. If she loves it, chances are she will, then we will make it for you and you could both choose the actual diamond or stones together continuing the romance of the proposal.

Biagio's Engagement Rings

To Biagio, as important as the essence of the stone itself is the confidence you can have in its origin and craftsmanship. Education and learning has become an integral part of the business. All team members attend courses and many have achieved the Professional Jewellers’ Diploma after three years of study. In a further development, Biagio decided to create a core team of diamond specialists, not only to assist customers but also to enhance the range of loose diamonds. Both the diamonds and the specialist training come directly from Antwerp, the diamond centre of the world.Biagio finds that people often commission their own pieces. “They are looking for something special, personal and individual, and want to create their own design. We pride ourselves on being completely flexible,” he saysPlatinum diamond ring designed by Biagio Patalano
“We believe we can create their perfect piece and have a fine collection of loose stones for clients to see. Our sources in the diamond industry are excellent and will only provide us with the finest ethically sourced diamonds.”

Loose Diamonds

You should not have to compromise your taste when choosing a piece of jewellery. If you would like a more unusual cut or shape, while ensuring both the best craftsmanship and the most competitive prices guaranteed by Biagio’s personally selected diamond sources, then buying a loose cut diamond may be the answer.There are many factors to consider when choosing a diamond including cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. We can help you with your selection and, with the aid of computer-generated design, allow you to visualise the unique piece of jewellery that you have dreamed of giving your loved one. That way, you can nurture your jewellery on its full journey from loose stone to finished piece. A loose diamond presented as a gift will delight and inspire the free-spirited creative mind with as many possibilities as its facets.Loose diamonds or stones allow you to design your own setting. More of us are choosing to design our own rings and jewellery with a trusted jeweller who has a workshop and goldsmiths. Looking online or in jewellery stores people bring ideas to us to find or create their perfect ring. At you can interactively select your own diamond ring by cut, colour, clarity, colour (4Cs) and cost, the most precious diamonds are those possessing the highest quality. View your chosen diamond ring in spectacular 3D video, refining your choices until you find the perfect bespoke diamond ring. We have invested in the advancements of technology in-store to give customers their design as a 3D image which can be emailed to them to consider and to perfect before being made.

Bespoke engagement rings from Biagio

We love helping our customers create something that is unique to them, to celebrate this incredibly special time in their life. We can help develop ideas to produce a bespoke ring whilst looking at a dedicated space instore of exquisite engagement rings. Simply come and have a chat with us and see what designs emerge. Antique engagement rings are a trend we are seeing grow, inspired by the different cuts in the diamond and settings of the ring. Couples are looking for something unexpected, they like to make it entirely unique and personal to them as their story is.
“We design jewellery for you with great vision and creativity and I have always believed in making these designs affordable. Jewellery designed with the diamond or gemstones you have dreamed of that doesn’t have to cost a King’s ransom is waiting for you to create at Biagio.”
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