Emerald or Asscher Cut diamond
Diamonds are definitely a girl's best friend. Something about that glittery stone can just make any girl's heart melt into pieces. Is it any wonder that men use diamond engagement rings to win the favour of their ladies? But diamonds are unique and jewellers use unique cuts to bring out the colour and clarity of a stone. As a result, choosing one particular cut may be confusing. We recommend emerald cut diamond engagement rings or Asscher cut diamond engagement rings as they are the most popular due to their classic shape and mounting pattern. In case you are setting out diamond shopping, here are a few things you should know about emerald cut diamond engagement rings and Asscher cut diamond engagement rings to ensure that you are getting the best value for money.

Technical Specifications

  • H colour diamonds provide the best look to emerald cutting patterns. To cut prices, jewellers may try to pass out I colour diamonds but they retain colour much more than round brilliant or princess cut diamonds.
  • Choose diamonds that are tagged with VS2 to ensure the best value for money. You can find SI1 and SI1 clarity diamonds as they will cheaper but the light reflection will be much lower.
  • Cut parameters estimate a depth of 60% to 68%, a table of 60% to 68%, a length to width ratio of 1.00 to 1.05 in Asscher cut diamonds and 1.25 to 1.55 in emerald cut diamonds.
  • Cut Specifications
An emerald cut or an Asscher cut diamond is either square or rectangular in shape. The diamond is usually rectilinear in shape and the facets are arranged parallel to the girdle in a step or trap-cut appearance. In some stones, a classic emerald-like appearance is created by lopping off the ends of the stone to create an octagonal appearance.

General Tips

  • Emerald cut or Asscher cut diamonds look larger as they have a 5% larger surface area than conventionally cut brilliant diamonds. This also means that you get a bigger-looking diamonds for a lower price. In fact, most jewelers lose less stone on this cut and emerald-cut and Asscher cut diamonds cost 15-25% less than other diamonds.
  • The square or rectangular cut makes your fingers look longer and slender. To accentuate the slender look, choose a diamond that has a length to width ratio of 1.2 to 1.8. A ratio of 1.30 will be wider than a 1.60 stone.
  • You should also know that most emerald cut or Asscher cut diamonds are relatively shallow and they are not as bright or glittery as conventional brilliant-cut diamonds. This should not put you off though as the square or rectangular shaped diamonds are very attractive to women.

The Bottom Line

Choosing this kind of diamond is entirely up to you and your fiancée. However, you should know that square or rectangular cut diamond engagement rings are extremely trendy at present. In fact, George Clooney presented his fiancée Amal Alamuddin with an emerald cut diamond engagement ring while Angelina Jolie's engagement ring is a stunning elongated tablet shape with a galaxy of smaller stones. Stars like Kate Hudson sport a 9-carat stone, while Beyonce sports a 18-carat flawless diamond, and Mariah Carey flashes a 10-carat pink emerald cut diamond.Suffice to say, this design is classic, gorgeous and stunning and it will say just that to your loved one.
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