The Cushion Cut Diamond
At Biagio we have beautiful bespoke diamond engagement rings so that you and your loved one can choose a classic piece of jewellery that will last forever. If you are searching for the perfect cushion cut engagement ring then our fantastic selection of engagement rings will give you an amazing choice in terms of design and value.

What does the Cushion cut look like

The cushion cut diamond design is centred around the design of a cushion or pillow with a square shape and rounded edges. The cushion cut diamond is an extremely popular choice amongst couples and the uniquely shaped diamond is high on the list of engagement ring choices closely following the more traditional round and princess cut. In terms of technical aspects the classic cushion cut tends to have one of three pavilion facet patterns which give the illusion of crushed ice. The best length to width guide is a ratio of 1.00 - 1.03 for square cuts and 1.15 - 1.20 for rectangular designs. The diamond grades D-G are the best choices for colour however colours G - H have warmer tones so may be a better choice for your design. At Biagio we can assist you in creating a cushion cut engagement ring that is perfect for you and your loved one. The idea of the cushion cut is to create the illusion of fire which in non-technical terms refers to the light reflection and sparkle of the diamond creating both flashes of white light and also rainbows on the colour spectrum.

History Behind the Cut

In terms of history the cushion cut diamond is historically referred to as the old mine cut and is reminiscent in shape to a pillow. It is a classical cut that derived from 1800's design and is an ever popular choice for those wishing to buy an engagement ring with an antiquated feel.

Celebrities who wear a Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Cushion diamonds have become incredibly popular in recent years with famous celebrity couples including Kanye West who gave Kim Kardashian a 15-carat cushion cut masterpiece. Ben Affleck also proposed to his wife with a 4.5 carat cushion cut diamond. Kayley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory also chose the same design and now wears a matching wedding ring to compliment her cushion cut engagement ring.

We, at Biagio

At Biagio we feature a range of cushion cut diamond engagement rings that will keep you on trend. Options include both the classical cushion cut diamond engagement ring with a single stone and plain band or if you are after something more extravagant we can also provide you with design options including a cushion cut with additional surrounding stones on the centrepiece and band. We also have cushion cut designs in a variety of other gemstones including Topaz and Tanzanite for those who may want to add a touch of colour to their engagement ring design. Perhaps you are proposing to your loved one on their birthday and you would like to add their birthstone to their engagement ring as a happy reminder of your special moment. Whatever your needs at Biagio we can provide a design that is right for you.
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