Black Diamonds
Distinctive, unique, rare and highly glamorous, a black diamond ring will make a memorable impression and showcase your individual personality. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit different then black diamond jewellery definitely fits the bill.Black diamonds with white gold and contrasted with white diamonds creates a stunning look and it’s a diamond that both women and men can enjoy wearing. Black diamonds placed in masculine bold rings are often worn by men but they look just as alluring when placed in a more feminine engagement ring setting.

What Are Black Diamonds?

Many people don’t know that black diamonds exist and that’s what creates the intrigue around them. They can be sourced in a variety of ways, with some being natural, some cultured and some enhanced. However, they are still genuine diamonds and are prized in the same way. The cultured and enhanced varieties are the more affordable varieties with the rare and natural Carbonado black diamond being the most exclusive and therefore expensive variety.Natural black diamonds consist of a polycrystalline structure, black diamonds are composed of a large number of tiny crystals unlike white diamonds which come from one large crystal. Finding a Carbonado black diamond that is of the quality to make jewellery from is actually quite rare so when a piece of sufficient quality is found, the jewellery that is made from it will be expensive and highly sought after.

How to choose a Black Diamond Ring

If you are looking for a black diamond ring then you should always check the appearance of the diamond to ensure that it is smooth and glossy on the surface, appears flawless, and has a colour that is deep and rich in texture. You should also ask about the grade of the black diamond with AAA being the highest rating for clarity, with other grades being AA+, AA, A etc.

Black diamond jewellery for all occasions

Black diamonds look stunning with white gold. Silver or platinum also showcases the black diamond to its best effect. The contrast of black and white jewellery is a very popular look and in the right setting, it can also create a vintage feel which is very attractive.Wearing black diamond jewellery looks equally good with smart casual wear as it does with formal attire so it can be worn for all occasions.At Biagio our black diamond jewellery includes rings, necklaces, earrings and pendants so if you’re looking to make an impact with your jewellery then we can help.
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