What's Hot: Wedding Ring Trends 2020

With the myriad of wedding ring styles available to pick from it can be a little overwhelming choosing the rings that will symbolise your union. To narrow down the field a bit we’ve sifted through the bridal glossies and scoured through thousands of wedding websites to bring you modern love’s new favourite styles.

Here’s the top 9 wedding ring trends for 2020: 

rose gold and diamond wedding ring

18kt diamond and rose gold wedding ring - £985.00


The soft vintage character of rose gold lends itself to wedding rings. Not only does it ooze romanticism, it blends well with other metals giving you the freedom to mix and match wedding, engagement and eternity ring metals. 

 yellow gold wedding ring

 9kt yellow gold wedding ring - £509.00

Keep it simple with a traditional gold band, these timeless rings never go out of fashion. 
mens wedding ring

Mens 9kt white gold and diamond wedding ring - £444.00Womens 9kt white gold and diamond wedding ring - £259.00

Though to some it may seem a little old fashioned, when you place a wedding ring on each other’s ring finger, you take part in a ritual that dates back centuries. By choosing matching bands you’re making an outward expression that you and your other half have become one.

textured ring

9kt white gold textured wedding ring - £474.00

Textured rings are the go-to look for stylish and modern men, but they have a practical nature too. Particularly useful for those of us who have an active lifestyle or active job, any scratches or dents soon become part of the design!  
black diamond wedding ring

9kt white gold and black diamond wedding ring - £644.00

Black diamonds are currently a very popular choice for wedding rings. Their bold, powerful appearance, placed next to white diamonds creates a visual contrast that really catches the eye. 

Platinum and diamond wedding ring - £1,169.00

Do you want your wedding ring to fit neatly around your engagement ring, forming a perfect frame to bring out the best in both treasures? 


emerald wedding band

9kt emerald and white gold wedding ring - £582.00

It’s often said that wearing your birthstone brings you good fortune, what better way to start married life than with a little bit of luck! 


9kt white gold and tanzanite wedding ring- £2,331.00


Are you a  girl that loves a bit of colour and sparkle? Add a little interest to your ring to put a smile on your face every day. 


18kt rose gold and diamond wedding ring - £1,869.00


Consider adding engravings that are hidden and private to you and your loved one. A token of your love with a secret message that’s just between the two of you is a romantic way to personalise even the most classic designs.

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