Well-groomed! What to give your groomsmen

You’ve ordered your wedding rings, the bride has chosen her tiara and the bridesmaids are set to stun, but what about the groom’s party? It’s not just the groom that needs to look his best, a band of handsome, well-turned out groomsmen can make all the difference to the look and feel of your big day. No-one wants their wedding photos marred by a gang of scruffy stags, so it’s time to raise your game gentlemen! Not only that but your best man, ushers, pages and groomsmen have all given their time and effort to help make your wedding the best day of your life, so tradition states that you show your appreciation with a gift for each of your party (and don’t forget the father-of-the-bride too!). 

Whatever their role on the big day, we have the perfect ‘thank you’ gift to help them remember the day. 


Your wedding day wingman only has two main jobs on the day, but both are absolutely crucial to proceedings: 1) don’t lose the rings and 2) give a decent speech. Whilst that might not seem like much on paper, both these tasks have been known to shred the nerves of an otherwise happy-go-lucky chap.Why not thank him (and ensure his speech is the perfect length too!) with this vintage-styled timekeeper: 

stainless steel case and yellow gold PVD bezel, with silver diamond pattern dial, stainless steel and yellow gold PVD bracelet

G-Timeless watch


Far from simply a case of asking ‘bride or groom?’ and directing people to the correct side of the aisle, the role of usher comes with several more subtle responsibilities. From keeping relatives seated successfully apart to entertaining maiden-aunts and lending an ear to Great-Uncle Harry’s long and ‘comprehensive’ tales, these guys (or gals) can be surprisingly useful. Show your unequivocal appreciation for these unsung heroes. Choose cufflinks for a gift that’s not limited to one occasion:

Blue and titanium concave cufflinks

Concave titanium cufflinks

The Groomsmen:

Here we find your motley crew of assorted friends and relatives with no specified role, but to whom you are close enough to want to thank them for being there. These are the guys you have grown up with, getting into scrapes and laughs along the way, and whilst there might not have been enough official duties to assign to them, you know your wedding wouldn’t be the same without them. Weddings can be costly for guests too, not just financially, but also in terms of time taken out of busy schedules to attend, so let them know how much it means to you:

A lovely gents bracelet in black suede with an oxidised stainless steel clasp.

Gents black suede bracelet by Fred Bennett


This is where you want to pull out all stops. It’s traditional for the groom to thank his new father-in-law for the gift of his offspring with a special something and this could be particularly important where said father-in-law may have generously contributed to the wedding fund. Your father-in-law is most likely of a different generation and may not appreciate the hipster style of a leather necklace so keep it classic and go for a high-end pen (perfect for signing the registry) or a well-made watch. Above all give your father-in-law a thoughtful gift worthy of the happiness his child has brought to you: 

Stainless steel case and buckle, silver sunbrushed steel dial and dark brown alligator strap.

Gents G-Timeless automatic Gucci watch

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