We talk wedding rings with Anna, bride and jewellery specialist

Meet Anna - Our very own poster girl. Beautiful bride, colour analyst and one of Biagio’s team of brilliant jewellery experts. 

Sitting down with a cup of tea on Wednesday morning I took the opportunity to tap into Anna’s knowledge bank, quizzing her on what she looked for when choosing her own wedding rings and bridal jewellery, how her experience with colour analysis affected her choices and how she styled her jewellery on her wedding day.

Looking through the photos of Anna’s softly sundrenched Italian wedding, I ask her about the Art Deco pendant and earrings set she wore on her wedding day, knowing that Biagio’s latest Artistry collection has drawn design inspiration comes from the ethos of this glamorous era. It turns out that the diamond and platinum set belonged to her grandmother and was loaned to her by her mother for her wedding day. It’s certainly not dissimilar to many of the designs I’ve seen coming from Biagio’s hand though. I can see the same clean lines, stylised forms and minimal decoration.


Obviously this set was chosen for sentimental reasons, however, Anna points out that it was lucky it just so happened to be metals and stones in the right colour range for her.

Sirena necklace for mothers day in diamond and white gold shell style

18ct gold and diamond pendant and chain, £2,405

You see, as well as being one of Biagio’s crack team of jewellery aficionados, Anna is also a trained Colour Analyst and spent 16 years practising as an image consultant and personal style specialist, helping people to find the colours that complement their skin tone, hair and eye colour as well as personality to transform their wardrobe and style.

Every person’s colouring is described as a ‘season’, then further classified into more specific subcategories depending on the type of they are within that season’s subset. Anna explains that she is classed as ‘Winter’ due to her cool-toned skin and hair, but her warm eyes mean she is more specifically a ‘Sultry Winter’. ‘Winter’ types are suited to vibrant, jewel-like colours like violet, magenta and royal blue, which for ‘Sultry Winter’s are deepened slightly, think of the dark, rich tones of ruby, mulberry and charcoal grey.

This then explains why Anna’s grandmother’s jewellery was so well suited to her. Cooler-toned skins are lit-up by white metals like platinum, white gold and silver, where yellow and rose golds enhance the beauty of warmer-toned skins. And it was for this reason that Anna knew she desired white metal and diamonds for her marriage rings.

engagement ring diamond cluster

infinity and eternity rings

Anna had received an infinity-style ring from Biagio’s as a birthday present from her husband-to-be, Rick. It was designed with two fine bands of pave set diamonds intertwined across the front of the ring. Three years later Anna happened to be viewing new stock in the Thame store when she happened across an 18ct white gold and diamond cluster ring. Again this ring was purchased as a birthday present. Deceptively simple in design, the setting of the cluster ring is in fact very detailed, the craftsmanship is such that at times the cluster can appear as a single stone. The ring was bought with the idea that at some point it would be refurbished when the couple became engaged.

Displayed with a 5-diamond half-eternity ring underneath, the two looked so good on her hand and fitted so well with her infinity ring that the three became her marriage rings.

In choosing her three rings in different styles but using the same metal and gemstone, Anna was ahead of the game. Stacking and layering rings are in high demand with many being designed exclusively with this look in mind. Popular with brides who want versatility and the ability to change their look according to their mood, the three rings can be worn individually, all together or mixed and matched. For a subtle daytime look, Anna might just wear one of her bands or her engagement and eternity bands together for a little gentle sparkle, but when she’s going out for the night and wants more glam, then all three rings go with her.

stacking rings

If you’re getting married and would like some expert advice on wedding ring styling from Anna or any of Biagio’s in-store specialists then don’t miss our Spring Wedding Ring Event - 19th - 24th March 2018 - for a personal wedding ring consultation and 20% off your chosen wedding rings.

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