Valuation Days in conjunction with the Guild of Valuers & Jewellers

Did you know that Biagio offers independent valuations in partnership with the Guild of Valuers & Jewellers at our in-store Valuation Days? This gives you the perfect opportunity to have a one to one consultation without your precious items ever leaving your sight.

18ct white and rose gold diamond and Swiss blue topaz ring

18ct white and rose gold diamond and Swiss blue topaz ring

What to expect: 

When you arrive for your appointment, your jewellery will be cleaned, if necessary, and prepared for valuation. The valuer will then examine your items, as well as give you some fascinating snippets on their history and origin. Vital information about your items will be recorded, including gemstone types and sizes, metal types and workmanship.

Your items will be photographed and carefully examined, and to top it all off you will receive a stunningly presented valuation to take home with you. 

Sometimes the valuer will find that there is further research required, in this case, they will take down all the details including photographs and the document will be sent on to you once the detail has been finalised.

Topaz and Diamond pendant

Topaz and diamond pendant

What to bring: 

Ensure that you bring with you any previous documents, reports, certificates enabling the valuer to record relevant information in your new valuation document. It is common that stones are weighed before setting and reports/certificates will have this useful information recorded. Any watch purchase receipts or previous repair information will also assist the valuer too.

Please give all relevant information to the valuer at the start of your consultation.

Gucci watch

Gucci G ladies watch

Upcoming dates:


  • 5th June 2019

  • 21st August 2019

  • 9th October 2019


  • 16th May 2019

  • 4th July 2019

  • 19th September 2019

  • 21st November 2019

If you would like to take advantage of this fantastic service please do get in touch with the stores to book an appointment.