Trendwatch: Yellow Gold & Egyptian Influences

Egyptian inspired jewellery is set to make a comeback this autumn and with the ongoing resurgence of yellow gold trending, and which is so prevalent in Egyptian jewellery designs, these ancients-influenced pieces are set to take centre stage. 

Silver and gold plated necklace - £156.00 SALE £109.20

The Egyptian era was dominated by gold mined in the Nubian deserts and jewellery made from this gold played a pivotal role in their culture. The enduring image of Tutankhamun's Death Mask discovered in the Valley of the Kings by Howard Carter in 1925, illustrates this perfectly. 

Filigree necklace - £124.00

The Egyptians associated yellow gold with the sun, it was used in ornaments and crowns for the pharaoh and priests. 

It was also believed that colour represented different areas of our personalities, and as a result, colour symbolism was very important. Colour was used both to show realistic representations of scenes as well as to tell stories of the deities of the Egyptian pantheon. 

18ct yellow gold, amethyst, spessarite & diamond necklace - £3,400 
One of the newest creations from The Artistry Collection by Biagio Patalano. 

It was believed that red symbolised life, energy and vitality, whereas blue depicted water, fertility, birth and the heavens. Green displayed growth, resurrection and the afterlife.

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The discovery of coloured glass in ancient Egypt meant that it could be added to jewellery to imitate real stones, making it arguably the first costume jewellery. This was not a cheap option as it was very rare and came with a hefty price tag. 

9ct yellow gold lapis necklace- £325.00

A  design that was particularly popular which is currently making a comeback is the multiple strains of beads of various colours. Many of the gems used in this time are still popular now; amethyst, turquoise and lapis lazuli in particular. 

Ellera Bracelet by Sif Jakobs - £69.00

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