Autumn/Winter 17 is seeing the rebirth in popularity of pearls and coloured gemstones. Gone are the days of the pearl being seen as the buttoned-up, boring and somewhat prim spinster-aunt of gems, where the only gem worth flaunting was a diamond. The new mood in pearls is heritage-inspired but bohemian with multiple layers of long strand draped over diaphaneous dresses, add contrast with a leather biker jacket. Wind a strand of pearls round your wrist several times and you could have just drifted of Mulberry's AW17 catwalk.

Coloured gemstones too are back with a bang. Big gemstones in a rainbow of hues graced the disco-inspired collections of Saint Laurent and Gucci, whilst this season's other big trend for all things mystical, picks out an array of gemstones chosen for their meaning, talismanic qualities or proposed healing abilities. All of which opens up a diversity of palette and choice not seen as strongly since the 70's.

And these are trends that aren't going anywhere soon.

Every September the movers and shakers of the jewellery industry get together at Olympia in London for the International Jewellery London event. IJL is the foremost place for designers, including our friend Mr. Fei Liu, to showcase their new collections to buyers, collectors and the press. It is also THE place to discover what the fashionistas forecast will be big in the forthcoming season, so naturally the Biagio team hot-footed it down there to give you a sneak peek behind the curtains of the show at the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2018. The good news is that pearls and coloured gemstones look set to continue their takeover of our jewellery boxes into SS18, so if you haven't yet updated your jewels there's still plenty of time. Let us help you revamp your wardrobe with these 'en pointe' pieces:

Pearl Perfection

Lucia multistrand pearl and gold necklace by Claudia Bradby, £265

Sophia pearl bracelet by Claudia Bradby, £130

Snowdrop pearl ring by Fei Liu, £90

Rainbow's End

18ct diamond and blue topaz pendant by Biagio, £1,575

Silver and amethyst drop earrings by Biagio, £46

Shooting Star ring with peridots by Fei Liu, £160