Autumn/Winter 17 offers such a bounty of diverse trends that it's hard to imagine there not being a style for every taste. We've already witnessed and noted the rebirth in popularity of pearls and coloured gemstones, but there are also strong trends towards more minimalist designs, with futurism and the clean lines of geometry and futurism leading the way.

As we've seen in a previous posts, pearls are back in a big way. The new mood in pearls draws on trend for heritage-inspired fashion, with tweeds and checks the order of the day, but we're not talking standard, old-fashioned single short strands anymore. Pearls have been given a fresher, looser yet more decadent turn of phrase. Layer up long strands of pearls or wear multiple stranded chokers with cameos, mix with gold chains and a feature pendant or add plentifully to wrists, but above all aim for effortless and artful and you'll have unlocked the key to mastering this trend. Let this lustrous wonder rekindle your love of pearls:

Soiree pearl & black spinel bracelet by Claudia Bradby, £165

Coloured gemstones too are back with a bang, thanks in part to the disco-inspired collections of Saint Laurent and Gucci. Jewellery here is big, bold and unashamedly glitzy. Pieces will need to compete with glitterball boots and huge hair, so they'll need to hold their own, whilst staying on the right side of the disco vibe. We're talking more 'Saturday Night Fever' and Studio 54 than Charlie's Angels. This 'Saturday Night' sparkler is a dance-floor hit:

18ct diamond and morganite ring, £3,470

Perhaps the biggest, most progressive trend of the season pertains to ears, and that's the 'mismatch'. The premise is a simple one; take two completely different pairs of earrings and wear one of each. It works best when each earring is of a contrasting shape and style. It also lends itself well to incorporating the geometric and space-age inspired styles that we've seen trending in the pages of fashion bibles like Vogue and Elle. Try the trend with these lobe-loving designs :

9ct white gold London blue topaz earrings, £170

Titanium galaxy earrings, £75

Not for you the pic n' mix look? Maybe this next fashionable form will unlock the key to your heart. Yes, key symbols as pendants, charms and even earrings are huge this season, as seen at Marc Jacobs, Balceniaga and Maison Margiela.

Alguna abrira necklace by Uno de 50, £155

Our final 'fall' flourish continues to channel the glamour of the Art Deco era, a theme that's been growing in popularity since the release of Baz Luhrmann's 2013 version of The Great Gatsby (which famously won an OSCAR for it's costume designs). This season sees roaring 20's style really hit it's stride, taking place front and centre of shows such as Miu Miu, where it was particularly highlighted in necklace designs, but also heralded the return to favour of brooches, a form of adornment that all but vanished from our jewellery boxes in recent years. Let your inner flapper loose with this deco design:

18ct diamond and tanzanite necklace, £2,595