Trends: Weddings 2019

With this year’s wedding season drawing to a close, it is time to take a look forward to 5 trends that are going to be taking centre-stage in 2019:

  1. Festival weddings
Increasingly couples are opting to celebrate their nuptials in a less formal manner with festival style weddings set to become the next big thing.

Not only is the big white wedding dress taking a back seat in favour of sleeker, coloured styles, but dresses are being designed with pockets to ensure you can carry all of your essentials. It's crucial to be able to take the obligatory wedding day selfie!

Guests are expected to slip-on their favourite festival gear and dance the night away. Why not ensure you stand out from the crowd with these glittering flower power earrings to hone your inner festival goer and embrace the celebrations.

A really pretty pair of earrings with three flowers set with cubic zirconia

Silver earrings by Jenny Brown
Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed were ahead of the game with their festival themed wedding in 2015!
  1. Destination weddings
This seems to be the trend that’s not going anywhere fast. From weddings on the beach in Cyprus to wineries in South Africa the options are endless.

The lure of a fairytale wedding on a perfectly white beach with a turquoise ocean, guaranteed sunshine and chilled-out vibe is, unsurprisingly, hard to beat.

For the guests it is not only a chance to celebrate the marriage of their nearest and dearest, but also a great excuse for a holiday. Who doesn’t relish the chance to delve into their wardrobe and hunt out their favourite summer outfits. Don’t forget to accessorise for the occasion…  

A beautiful rhodium plated silver bracelet set with chalcedony. Adjustable 7"-7.5"
Silver and Chalcedony bracelet
  1. Sweet treats
As Jo Brand explained, “Anything is good if it's made of chocolate.” Dessert tables are becoming a regular feature at weddings and this trend is set to increase in 2019. Not only tables laden with sugary treats but whole rooms designated for specifically this purpose.

The cupcake wedding cake trend seems to be coming to an end, with infinite inspiration from the likes on pinterest couples are reverting to the more traditional style of tiers, but with interesting and novel flavour mixes. Thanks to the the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for introducing the unbeatable mixture of Amalfi lemon and elderflower.

Bespoke Diamond and Tanzanite ring

This stunning tiered bespoke diamond and tanzanite ring reminded us of the elegance of a perfectly constructed wedding cake.

  1. Bold and bright
As the 2019 wedding season dawns we are going to be seeing less of the pastel colours that have been so popular for the past few years. As with the current jewellery trend big, bold and bright is the intention in 2019.

With green, orange and purple leading the charge, get ready for a wedding season with a splash of colour and an outdoor/indoor feel. Dahlias are in, not only because they are majestic but also because they come in an array of colours.

Fire opal and diamond necklace
Make sure you are ahead of the game with this stunning fire opal and diamond necklace which is sure to be a talking point at any occasion.
  1. Sustainable weddings
Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are paving the way with a trend that we can all get behind by having a sustainable, plastic free wedding.

In an interview with the Telegraph Princess Eugenie discussed her wedding, as well as her work with the charity Project Zero, she explained, “My whole house is anti-plastic now – and Jack and I want our wedding to be like that as well.”

We love her engagement ring too, if you agree with us then check out our pink sapphire and diamond ring:

Pink sapphire and diamond ring in 18ct white gold
Pink sapphire and diamond ring
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