Treat Yourself To Affordable Gemstones

Do you lust after shimmering sapphires and tantalising topaz and wish that you had some of your very own? These beloved and durable blue stones, don’t have to be as costly as you might expect. When designed carefully you can enjoy these precious treasures without breaking the bank. 

Jorge Revilla has done just that and we have picked out some of our favourites for you to enjoy (and even better, they are in our Summer Sale)!

Silver, blue topaz and blue sapphire necklace - SALE £109.20


Sapphires have long been favoured by royalty, not only are they beautiful but also very durable; only diamond is harder. Symbolising truth, devotion and sincerity it is hardly surprising that sapphires are a popular choice for engagement rings. 

September’s birthstone, Sapphires are also traditionally given as gifts on the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. 

Silver, blue topaz and sapphire ring - SALE £159.60


The birthstone for November, Topaz is also highly durable (it rates 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness), only diamonds, rubies and sapphires are harder. 

It is believed to have regenerative properties. Promoting generosity, joy and good health, this beautiful blue stone is thought to help the wearer with self expression and to clearly articulate.

Topaz comes in a range of colours, one of the most popular being sky blue, as the name suggests, resembling the light blue of the sky. 

Silver, pearl, blue topaz and sapphire drop earrings - SALE £147.00


In his Ocean collection Jorge Revilla includes pearls to his silver, blue topaz and sapphire designs. These designs perfectly draw together the feeling of being by the water's edge with their sapphire sea and topaz sky, adding in a bit of softness and serenity with a delicate pearl leaves you with the perfect mix of delicate and bold.



Silver, pearl, blue topaz and sapphire ring - SALE £163.80


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