Top 11 Affordable Payday Treats: Jewellery That Won’t Break the Bank

Joy! You’ve made it to the end of another month and with payday on the horizon for many, surely it’s time to reward yourself with sparkling little something?

The good news is that not everything that glitters has to come with a digit-heavy price-tag. We’ve rounded up our top 11 affordable payday treats, perfect for giving your look a lift without breaking the bank. Check out some beautiful jewellery which can’t fail to bring a smile to your face:

A truly stunning pair of glittery earrings by Sif Jacobs. Five bars or different length are set with sparkling cubic zirconia.

  1. These stunning Rufina Cinque earrings from Sif Jakobs will have you glittering like the stars from Strictly Come Dancing for just £129

  1. Did you know pearls are the only jewels created by a living animal? Pick up this freshwater pearl bracelet for a snip at £60

  1. Bring a bit of colour to your day with this exquisite rose gold multi gem ring by Manja, £135

  1. Hoops are still huge this autumn. Keep your lobes on-trend and your bank balance in the black with these suave silver hoops, £45

  1. Blue is the colour of the moment. Update your autumn look with these simple, yet stylish gold and topaz earrings. £147
  1. They say zig zag, we see lightning - snap up these earrings and you’ll always have a way to break the ice!  £35

  1. Give yourself some love with this stunning yellow gold heart necklace at £99.

  1. This dazzling Pecetto ring by Sif Jakobs will get heads turning for all the right reasons! £79

  1. Grab a bargain with this glittering high rise silver charm by Endless, on-sale at £80 £40

  1. New York Fashion Week was all about the big and the bold. Emulate your idols with *** a pair of silver stud earrings.  £99 ****
  2. Join the glitterati with these fabulously dangling earrings by Claudia Bradby. £54