The Striking Symbolism Of Spheres And Circles

Spheres and circles have long been popular in jewellery design, their timeless shape never losing its allure. Holding great symbolism and meaning they’ll make the perfect gift this Christmas.  


Sapphire and diamond necklace

Spheres symbolise completeness. The planets, the sun and the moon are all depicted by spheres, shaped by their own gravity, making them perfectly round with no point closer or further away from the centre than any other. 


Silver and pearl ring

A particularly regal sphere is the The Sovereign’s Orb. A key part of the Crown Jewels, the hollow gold sphere is a symbol of Godly power, embedded with emeralds, sapphires, rubies, rose cut diamonds and pearls, it’s placed on the altar before the crowning of a new monarch. 

Stargazer nova orb stud earrings by Kit Heath

An upcoming trend that has particularly caught our eye recently is the use of large spheres in jewellery. Used playfully by the likes of Paco Rabanne and Vaquera in their latest designs. 

Bold and eye-catching necklaces, oversized mismatched earrings and chunky imposing bracelets, they certainly are impressive. See which Vogue has picked out in their Spring 2020 Jewelry Trend: Spheres of Influence 

Comacchio silver pendant and chain by Sif Jakobs

The sphere’s two dimensional counterpart, the circle is often seen as a symbol of unity and infinity, without a beginning or an end they imply movement. 

The ancient Greeks considered the circle the most perfect of all shapes. The ancient Egyptians believed that a loop of rope in the form of a circle, with no beginning and no end, symbolised everlasting love. 


Biella uno piccolo earrings by Sif Jakobs

Whereas, the Celtic people saw the circle as a protective emblem, used as a boundary not to be crossed. Keeping out evil and enemies while protecting everything inside.

In Zen Buddhism, an empty circle represents enlightenment. The circle has come to symbolise completeness and to encompass the meaning of life, making it the ideal memorable token of your unending love.  

Silver and mother of pearl stud earrings

If the splendour of these symbolic stunners has caught your eye, then we have plenty more where they came from. Pop in-store or online to see our full range.