Renew, Repair, Restore, Restyle: Expert Jewellery Workshop Services

Favourite piece of jewellery looking a little lacklustre? Inherited a piece that means a lot, but is just not your style? Perhaps your watch is simply in need of a new battery?

Biagio the Jewellers offers so much more than fine jewellery sales. Our jewellery workshop specialises in bespoke design, expert repairs and restorations, so let us guide you through the professional services we offer to keep your jewels looking utterly exquisite.

Cleaning & Renewal:

While much gemstone jewellery can be given a quick clean at home in warm soapy water, stones like opals and pearls should never be immersed in water (you can give them a gentle wipe over with a soft, moist cloth for a quick at-home clean), though you need to be sure of the correct cleaning method for each of your pieces. If you’re not entirely sure, then our jewellery consultants are always on-hand to advise, simply bring your jewellery into see us at Thame or Bicester.

Whilst you can give most items a quick clean at home, every piece of fine jewellery benefits from an expert clean once in a while, to keep it in immaculate condition and restore its original gleam. Nothing will have your jewellery looking brand new again like an annual professional clean and polish.

White gold jewellery, in particular, requires specialist care as white gold is a manmade alloy created by adding a white metal, such as palladium, to a base of yellow gold. It’s then coated in a white metal called rhodium which gives it a super-bright white finish and gives added protection to the metal underneath. Over time the rhodium plating wears off and reveals the metal underneath and as this metal is a mixture of white metal and yellow gold, it can appear a slightly creamy, vanilla colour rather than brilliant white. The good news is that we can renew rhodium plating, after a thorough yet careful clean, to leave your white gold jewellery looking dazzling white again.

Repair & Replace:

Giving your jewellery a workshop clean also presents the perfect opportunity for the team to assess pieces for any damage or potential need for repairs. Gemstone jewellery frequently uses metal claws to hold stones in place, but these can sometimes get caught on clothing, worn away or knocked and damaged, which can lead to stones becoming loosely held, or worse still, falling out and getting lost. Our workshop can assess your jewellery’s condition and suggest repairs to keep your stones safe and snugly held in their mounts. Precious metal claws can be retipped, strengthened, replaced or repaired. Shanks (the metal bands around the ring) can also occasionally become bent or out-of-shape, but these too can be repaired or replaced.

It might not be that your jewellery is bent, blemished or in disrepair at all, but you just can’t wear it because it’s no longer a comfortable fit. Just as over time our shoe size or clothing size can change, so too can our ring or wrist size. Thankfully, jewellery can be made wearable and comfortable again,, in most cases.

Watches can have links added or removed to fit, as can some bracelets and necklaces and rings can be seamlessly sized up or down. Our consultants and workshop professionals can advise on what’s possible.


So the worst has happened. The claws of your diamond engagement ring have been loosened by damage or years of everyday wear and your gemstone has fallen out and is lost. We understand how distressing that can be, so we have a heaven-sent service to help ease the disappointment. Our stone-matching service hunts down perfect replacements for all gemstones, matching for colour, clarity and grade. You’ll never know it wasn’t the original stone.

Perhaps your pearls have become a bit loose and gappy? We can restring your pearls either with knots or without, though we’d recommend you have them knotted between each pearl to prevent them rubbing or falling away if the string should ever break.

Frustrated by a tangled chain which flatly refuses to be teased apart? Our workshop team can even restore knottiest necklace to its former wearable state for you.

Restyle & Redesign:

Do you have a family heirloom sitting in your jewellery box unworn because it’s just not your style? Customers often tell us that they’ve inherited or been given a piece of jewellery which means a great deal to them, but that they simply don’t enjoy wearing. Our consultants and workshop can work with you to restyle or completely redesign a piece.  

The remodelling of family heirlooms to make into more wearable pieces is a growing trend and one of the service we get the most pleasure from being able to offer. There’s few things more rewarding than seeing a piece of loved, but unworn jewellery transformed and being worn.

Our team will work with you to design bespoke pieces that you will want to wear every day and pass down the generations. Recently, we helped Hero Brown, the fabulous founder and editor of the indispensable ‘urban guide to the countryside’ - Muddy Stilettos - to remodel her grandmother’s opal and garnet ring into two necklaces, one each for herself and her daughter.

Creating new bespoke engagement and wedding bands is also popular because you can add symbolic, sentimental and personal touches to design something truly unique.

Whatever workshop services you require, our team will take the utmost care of your precious items.

If you’d like a jewellery assessment, please come in and see us with the jewellery in question or get in touch here for expert advice on jewellery repairs, restorations or redesigns.