Power pendants make a comeback

We all have that one special necklace, you know the one, the dainty, subtle and inconspicuous one that goes with anything. The inoffensive one you can wear to work or out to lunch with the girls, which leaves you looking ‘finished’, though perhaps not particularly interesting or noticeable. You wear it day-in, day-out because it’s just so easy to grab and go, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. We all have our go-to jewellery and we’ll always have a need for subtle classics, but the runways of London, New York and Paris are predicting that neckware is about to take centre-stage.

We’ve already seen dangly statement earrings trending this year and necklaces are set to get some personality too. And you can’t have too ‘much’!

Oversized pendants seem to make a resurgence every 20 years or so, with huge brightly coloured swirls and stones in the 60’s to clocks dangling from chains in the 80’s and indie amulets in the 00’s, and as we fast approach the 2020’s the pieces beginning to dominate pendants are leaving minimalism behind.

So give your ‘go-to’ a rest and grab some attention with a power-pendant from our pick of top runway trends.

Under Lock & Key

There have been literally piles of keys on show at Balenciaga's latest shows. Keys of different sizes, lengths and materials were strung up and stacked on top each other. Marc Jacobs toned it down a little and tended toward single statement keys, whilst golden padlocks graced the models at Vionnet. Even men’s jewellery got in on the act with Louis Vuitton accessorising with combination lock necklaces.

The Ma ojito silver pendant necklace by Uno de 50 combines this trend with that other great trend of recent months, pearls.

Keys on a pendant

Man ojito necklace by Uno de 50, £125


gold and diamond key pendant

Customisable diamond key pendant, available in a choice of metals from £705.81

Pearly Queen

Pearls are going nowhere soon by the looks of it with Mulberry and Erdem both championing their creamy lustre, but the order of the day is now to wear them ornately and certainly not alone. Pearl pendants should be encrusted with diamonds, crystals, clear or pale gemstones in pinks, peaches and nudes (though pastel shades of blue, green, yellow and lilac also get a look in). They are seen layered with other pearl necklaces and jewelled pendants of varying lengths, but again each limited to a palette of soft-hued shades. Whilst the palette might be limited and soft, this romantic style still packs a punch through the sheer size and number of layers. Team a string of pearls with a pearl pendant or two, such as the below, and top it off with a diamond or crystal encrusted choker.

pearl pendant

Alyssum pendant cluster with round pearl by Fei Liu, £792

Peregrina Silver Pearl Pendant by Claudia Bradby, £105

Field notes

The big new trend coming through for Spring 2018 is heavily influenced by nature with flowers birds, feathers and shells all on show. Zimmerman presented necklaces and pendants adorned with dangling with masses of white shells, whilst Erdem offered up the prettiest gold birds in cages. Elsewhere flowers and feather weren’t just highlighted but were seen tumbling down models en-masse in fresh, gentle spring tones. Let this gorgeous hummingbird carry you into spring’s natural trend.

hummingbird pendant

Hummingbird necklace, £252

flower pendant

Flower necklace, £66


Party-girl sparklers have been one of the key trends this autumn-winter and they party-on into the new year with big, showy pendants gleaming against velveteen torsos. They cannot be big enough, decorative enough or radiate too much brilliance. We’ve seen similar showstopping pieces at Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Saint Laurent. Get your dazzle on with this diamond dropper:

diamond pendant

Pera baguette diamond necklace, £2,450

crystal pendant

Drop pendant, £74

 Pictures, paintings and portraiture

One of our favourite catwalk trends for jewellery in the coming months perhaps expresses the most personality of all and it’s the penchant for incorporating miniatures in pendants and necklaces, even earrings. Whilst these cut-size images are called miniatures as compared to full-sized wall-hangings, when it comes to wearing them as jewellery they make pretty big pieces. Mulberry and Thom both featured miniatures in their runway jewellery recently and included painted portraits, cameos and clockfaces suspended by strings of pearls. Why not try the trend yourself and add your own miniature painting to a locket. Not a great artist? Simply go retro and use a photo of your sweetheart or a special place instead.

heart locket

9ct yellow gold heart locket, £179

white gold locket

9ct white gold locket, £187


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