Meaningful Gemstones

Christmas finds many excited faces gathered around the Christmas tree, waiting to unwrap surprises from those we love. The gifts we give and receive can be sweet, they can be silly, they can stocking fillers or they can be super-sized, but why not give something lasting and truly meaningful this year? 

We’ve selected a handful of just some of the jewels in our cabinets that have specific meanings or mystical qualities that might resonate with you and a certain someone in your life. These are stones that represent a particular anniversary, month of birth, or which are believed to offer certain attributes and specific qualities to the wearer. Whether you’re a believer or not, by picking a piece with a jewel that means something special what will be clear is the thought you’ve given to choosing that gift... and that will mean the world to anyone. 


Here’s just a few of our most meaningful gemstones:



Ametrine is a combination of two other meaningful stones, amethyst and citrine, and so it also combines both these stones meaningful qualities, blending them into its own unique character. 

From amethyst comes the ability to soothe, clearing stress and tension. From citrine it inherits positivity and energy, enhancing these qualities in the wearer. 

As a stone created from a blending of two different types of quartz, it is thought to be an excellent stone for increasing compatibility in all relationships, bringing with it a healthy dose of spiritual and mental clarity. 



The All-Healer.

Birthstone for February and representative of 6th anniversaries, amethyst is thought to be good for just about anything you can think of, however, there are some very specific areas in which it is particularly helpful. 

Perhaps most welcome in the post-Christmas period, in a tradition dating back to the Roman era it is thought to prevent overindulgence, and that applies to your bank balance as well as food and drink or any other kind of excess. 

As mentioned above, it is also thought of as very soothing stone, indeed, we’ve heard it referred to as ‘nature’s tranquiliser’. 

If you have a plant that struggling or an area your dog refuses to go, then try placing all-healing amethyst nearby and see what happens. 



Ah! The treasure of mermaids. Used by sailors for good luck, pretty aquamarine protects all those travelling by or near water. 

The birthstone for March and the gift to give for 19th anniversaries, aquamarine is also great if you know someone who needs to find their voice, as it helps the wearer to voice the truth calmly, but clearly. 

Know someone who’s a bit nervous about a speech they have to give? Aquamarine is the perfect gift to help them prepare. 


Blue Topaz:

Birthstone for December and stone of 4th anniversaries, blue topaz is the gem of peace, healing and protection, plus it’s beautiful icy blue makes it a wonderful wintertime gift. 

Where aquamarine is for verbal communications, blue topaz is for written communications. Yes, this is The Writer’s Stone. Know someone with writer’s block? This might be the jewel to get their creative juices flowing again. 

Does someone in your life want to make some big life changes? This blue stone may assist with providing clarity on the direction of their life. 




The gemstone with the power of the sun! November’s birthstone is said to be like vitamin c for the soul. Making dreams and wishes come true, citrine aids manifestation. Supremely energising, it banishes negativity with its sunny rays.  

Otherwise known as The Merchant’s Stone, citrine is thought to attract wealth, prosperity and success in commercial ventures, making this the one to pick for the person pioneering that new start-up or about to begin a new business venture. 



Time to be enchanted by emerald…. 

There are a multitude of stones which claim to enhance or attract love in one of its many forms, but emerald is one of our favourites. Why? Because whilst it may not be imbued with the passion of some red stones such as garnet or ruby, emerald is the stone of successful love, bringing the promise of long-lasting domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty. 

Birthstone of May and traditionally associated with the 55th wedding anniversary, give emerald as a token of the lasting happiness that you and your partner share. 



Another traditional love stone is rich-red garnet, but this stone is symbolic of passionate, lively partnerships and the hope of quick reunions. This stone was often given as assurance between two people that they will meet again soon, so if you’re about to spend some time apart, perhaps a garnet may soften the blow!

Garnet is considered the stone to give on a 2nd anniversary and to January-born folk. 




Of all the gemstones, opal is perhaps the one which has been most-rumoured to have supernatural origins and powers. You may have heard that it’s unlucky for anyone but those born in October to wear an opal, however this myth was created by Walter Scott in a novel in 1829 and has, most unfairly, stuck. For most of history opals have been considered the luckiest and most magical of all stones and thankfully, their popularity has now resumed an upward trajectory. 

In early cultures, opals were thought to be captured lightning and the Romans considered them the most powerful of all, as they hold all the colours and qualities of all other stones. 

Given to offer protection & hope, October’s birthstone is symbolic of hope, purity and truth. A real creativity-booster, just gazing at it’s flashes of rainbow colour is enough to inspire the artist in all. 

Opal is the stone of the 14th anniversary. 



This beautiful blush stone is named after financier and gem collector J.P. Morgan, and it’s the ideal gift for anyone left feeling a bit low by all the seasonal hub-bub. Morganite offers assurance and encourages loving thoughts which deepen connections, bringing a sense of at-oneness to the wearer. 

Whilst it is not a birthstone nor related to any particular anniversary, its soft, gentle colour is perfect to give anyone a boost or simply to show how much you care.


Pink Tourmaline: 

Respresenting the higher aspects of love comes Pink Tourmaline. Said to encourage compassion and gentleness in times of growth and change, it’s particularly associated with comforting children and is the stone for teachers. 

It’s also another stone to give October babies and anyone celebrating their 8th anniversary. 



For anyone celebrating their 40th anniversary, ruby is their gem of the year. Believed to hold the power of life, ruby boosts vitality, health, wealth and passionate commitment. Stimulating the life-force and increases vigour and energy, gift a ruby and watch the lucky recipient’s motivation reach new heights. Particularly useful for those born in July. 



Tantalising tanzanite is one of the more recently discovered gemstones, having being stumbled across in the 60’s, however it already has a birth-month attached and what month could be more appropriate right now than festive December! 

Mysterious tanzanite is only found in one place in the world - Tanzania - but the mystery doesn’t end there. Choose this blue-violet stone for anyone into exploring their spiritual and psychic side, as it's supposed to aid intuition and personal growth.


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