Love Stars

Following close upon the heels of Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what could be more romantic than gazing into the stars, thinking on what the Year of The Pig might bring and how that might colour our love lives. Join us as we take an astrological trip around the galaxy, seeking out all things stars (astrological, sparkly and celebrity)!

The Year of The Pig is the twelfth and final sign in the Chinese zodiac. In Chinese culture, pigs are symbolic of wealth so now makes an excellent time to honour the well-heeled hog by wearing something starry and sparkly. Who knows, you might even attract a some of that wealth your way.

Let’s start with something gently shimmering and delicate, then these Silver Crystal Star earrings by Fei Liu are pretty choice. Your love life is sure to lift-off with these twinkling stars at your ears. Particularly fitting, as we write this with snow decorating our view like a vast cotton blanket outside the window.

By contrast, the Antares ring by Sif Jakobs is a show stopper. Antares is brightest object in the constellation of Scorpius and we’re pretty sure Sif has captured pieces of it in this ring.  Wear it and imagine having a bit of the solar system on your finger with this bold statement. Bring that boldness to your relationship and it could have a transformative effect!

You could choose a piece which incorporates your astral stone, the gemstone linked with your zodiac sign. Many people believe that wearing these stones bring love, luck and protection to the wearer and who doesn't want a bit of extra luck?

Garnet in Yellow Gold

If, like Alice Cooper "The Godfather of Shock Rock", you are an Aquarius then this vivid garnet in a simple yellow gold setting radiates courage and strength, and perfectly mirrors the loyal, honest and imaginative partner that is an Aquarius.

Under the blanket of snow, our countryside is slowly springing back to life, but it’s during Pisces’ reign that it really kicks into action. This gorgeous silver floral bangle set with two cabochon amethysts buds is perfect for the compassionate, intuitive and sensitively signed piscean in your life.

The Duchess of Cornwall is often seen donning the gemstone of her astral sign, the elegant emerald. These stunning 18ct Emerald and diamond earrings give off an air of sophistication and grace for a Duchess. Emerald is known as ‘The Stone of Successful Love’ making it a truly touching gift to receive from a partner, because there’s star-crossed lovers or successful, sustained love. The former might be achingly, desperately romantic, but ultimately we’d prefer the long-lasting, life-affirming kind, please.

The Duchess joins an array of famous faces by being born in The Year of the Pig. Elon Musk being another who’s always reaching for the stars (well Mars)! Coincidentally, he also happens to share the same zodiac sign as the Duchess of Cornwall.

Feel like you’ve searched the stars for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Your hunt is over. Our Valentine’s Gift Edit is packed with romantic pieces to delight your darling.