It has been said that you should only possess something if you love it entirely and that it makes your heart sing. Choosing the perfect gemstone may offer this question given the range and depth of natural colours to choose from and love of the perfect colour is certainly found in the eye of the beholder.

To date, the white diamond has outshined many other coloured gemstones in popularity and may be argued is the first choice for an engagement ring. That being said, the diamond itself can be sourced in varying colours and gradually coloured diamond engagement rings are building in popularity as an alternative to the classic white diamond. Other coloured gemstones such as sapphires and rubies bring vivid hues of colour to dazzling designs and help your engagement ring or indeed wedding ring stand out from other designs.

In recent years the popularity and also the increased rarity of some precious stones, has resulted in the value of coloured gemstones to be higher in relation to their historical comparative value against say the diamond. The value of a gemstone is marked with its own precious categorisation and this can be for how fine the stone is considered. A Sapphire, a wonderful ruby or a breathtaking emerald can easily be priced higher per carat than a diamond.

Finding the perfect coloured gemstone for you may be an easy choice for some, but for others it could prove quite difficult to know where your love lies. Only 4 gemstones are a part of the precious gem category in gemology, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies with others like garnets and opals being considered ‘semi-precious’, but with the popularity of coloured gems on the rise, we explore these marvellous precious stones to help you decide whether one or more may talk to you or connect to your loved one.

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Coloured Diamonds - ‘Eureka’

With all the excitement and wonder that white diamonds can offer, another layer of exhilaration may be added with colour. Though at times subtle, the hues of a coloured diamond can ignite the imagination and bring added artistry to the simplest of jewellery designs. With elegance and unexpected charm, coloured diamonds are a fabulous way to ‘say it with colour’.

One remarkable example of a coloured diamond is The Eureka Diamond, first discovered in South Africa by a 15-year-old boy named Erasmus Stephanus in 1867. The rough diamond was found near Hopetown on the Orange River and was an impressive 21.25 carat. The diamond weighs in at a cut weight of 10.73 carats today and has a beautiful yellow hue. And why the name? Simply because the moment of discovery was a ‘Eureka’ moment! Perhaps you should find your ‘Eureka’ moment and find colour in something beautiful?

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Sapphire - ‘Royal Blue’

This fabulous gemstone will never cease in engaging you with its depth and charm.

The depth of colour seen most remarkably with blue sapphire can give a piece of jewellery real gravity. Brilliance in colour, brilliance in memory; a sapphire urges you to feel its strength and admire its cut.

The Victorians loved to display this blue gemstone framed by other stones, like diamonds, to embrace and enhance its beauty. Adored by the Ancient Romans, kings and queens, sapphires were often worn to symbolise faithfulness and nobility. Historically, sapphires were believed to be known for their mystical power to protect their wearers from evil and medieval kings are known to have worn them to protect them from their enemies. This could be where the term for colour ‘Royal Blue’ began.

Sapphires are among the strongest natural gemstones in existence, second only to diamonds. The durability of sapphires makes them an excellent choice for engagement, wedding rings and other pieces of jewellery that you plan to wear every day.

Like diamonds, sapphires can be found in many colours besides well-known blue, including yellow, black, green, white, purple, pink, grey, orange and brown. The rarest of all being variety called padparadscha, a delicate color that is a mixture of pink and orange.

The birthstone of September, this wondrous stone is found in many places all over the world, including the United States, Australia, Malawi, Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

Seen today as a classic choice, the sapphire has been treasured for thousands of years and will continue to be the gemstone with class.

9CT Diamond and sapphire earrings.

Emerald - ‘The colour of life’

Emerald green - the colour of life found in this almost magical gemstone. It has a brilliance of colour which lifts the soul and truly must be admired for bringing joy to the wearer.

Emeralds are rare and so as a result can cost more per carat than diamonds, making them great investment pieces. Birthstone for the month of May and considered to be the gemstone for the Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer astrological signs.

In terms of strength, the emerald ranks third under sapphire on the Mohs scale.

The ancients held the emerald in high esteem as a symbol of love, rebirth and eternal youth and was probably one of Cleopatra’s most favoured gemstones for these reasons. She adorned both herself and palaces with this stunning stone.

The emerald was thought to bestow the power to reveal the truth, perhaps that of a lovers oath, as well as strengthening memory and sharpening wits. It was believed that wearing an emerald could bring the wearer riches, power, eloquence and offer the supernatural ability to foretell future events.

It has been treasured for thousands of years by different cultures all around the world due to its rich green colour, symbolic of spring, nature and growth.

Whilst this gemstone may not turn you into a superhero, as some of our ancient friends may have believed, it will certainly help bring ‘the colour of life’ into your world in the most fascinating way.

beautiful vine earrings with emerald and diamonds

Emerald and Diamond Vine Earrings

Ruby - ‘The colour of love’

What coloured stone could proclaim your passion and love more proudly than a ruby? Just as red roses are given as a symbol or your love, so is this soulful gemstone. Ruby’s rich red tones are emblematic of passionate love and for this reason, it remains one of the most popular precious stones of all time.

Registering as high on the Mohs scale as sapphires, rubies are as strong and substantial as its colour heralds.

Almost all rubies have flaws within them, so rubies found without imperfections are exceptionally rare and can command immensely high prices, often more than flawless diamonds. Rubies are found in Myanmar (formerly Burma), Africa, Australia, the USA, Thailand and other locations in Asia.

Ruby is also associated with beauty and wisdom as well as being thought to bring victory in battle. They were worn as amulets of strength, courage and protection. Thought by some to possess healing powers, promote emotional stability, personal harmony, contentment, are said to ensure everlasting passion, increase virility and improve our power of seduction.

Even if we do not believe any aspect of these wonders to be true, rubies can still be steadfast in their claim to be ‘The colour of love’ out of all the precious stones.

The ruby is the birthstone of July and the astrological sign Cancer.

18ct ruby and diamond waves ring

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