Let’s Talk About:  This Season’s Citrus colours; Oranges and Lemons including Citrine, fit for a Duchess

This Season’s hot look in Fashion are all the sharp Citrus colours, from warm, deep orange to crisp buttery yellow and all shades in between! HRH Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is on point with her fabulous, opulent Citrine gemstone ring. So, I want to bring you, ‘on point’, talking to you about an array of amazing and unusual Gemstones that range through this colour palette.

Let’s start with the already mentioned Citrine from the Quartz family. Natural Citrine in a pale yellow is the rarest, mostly found in Brazil. Although, in Scotland we do find Quartz in rich shades of Orange, Brown or Gold known as Cairngorm Citrine. The Citrine colour varies from the palest lemon, through bright, buttercup Yellow to the deepest warm Orange and ranges across all price points. Choose a size, shape, or colour to fit your hand, skin tone and purse. Why not ask about unusual, experimental shapes or cuts just to make it interesting!


If you like your Gemstones luxurious, why not enquire about Sapphires, they are not just Blue! At Biagio the Jewellers, look at an amazing 12ct Pear shaped Sapphire of a delicate meadow-flower yellow, enhanced with scintillating Diamonds.

Pear Sapphire ring

From the Beryl family why not look at a Heliodor, linked with the sun, which in a Gem quality are found in Brazil or Madagascar. Or a Golden natural Zircon from Thailand, believed to provide the wearer with wisdom!

Moving into the Oranges, look for a Fire Opal. Unlike its multi coloured relatives, it has a deep burnt orange colour and can be faceted like other Gemstones.

Fire Opal stones

What about a Hessonite Garnet equally warm and rich in Orange colour and from the Garnet range also comes Demantoid of a rich, sweet sherry colour once known as Topazalite. So much for you to ask about.

We certainly cannot leave out Amber, one of the oldest known natural gemstones, so many different shades of Oranges and Yellows and a myriad of other shades all of which can be so affordable

Amber pendant

Who can resist this Orange, Marquise cut 1.13 carat Sapphire in a rose-gold setting highlighted with brilliant cut Diamonds.


And for those with a true sense of drama and style, try on this amazing and unique ring set with a 28 carat Orange Sphalerite and scintillating Diamonds, from the Artistry range designed by Biagio himself.


So, even better, why not ask to see a selection of gemstones in your chosen colour and let Biagio the Jewellers help you, bespoke your own design!

Psst... Did you know we can also get you Yellow, Orange, Cinnamon or other delicate, coloured Diamonds!! Just saying!

Birthday reminder!! Peridot is the birthstone for August and with its crisp apple green, it fits nicely into the citrus range. Time for a treat?