Let’s talk about; Sapphires, They’re not just Blue!

So, who doesn’t LOVE a Sapphire! Dark inky Blue, through shades of Summer Seas to a Cerulean Blue sky.

“What is the best colour”. The answer to this, is what pleases your eye and sings to your heart. For me, the ‘Truer’ the Blue the better. Where you can see into the stone, where you get a sense of Summer, the most valuable is considered to be, a clear deep Blue or Cornflower Blue. Sapphire is from the Corundum family of gemstones which includes Ruby and the colour differences are created by a variety of chemical impurities which in Sapphire is due to iron and titanium. Good quality stones have been found in Burma (Myanamar), Sri Lanka and Kashmir where deposits of the Cornflower colour have been found. Other countries such as Thailand, Nigeria and Australia have deposits which are often much darker in colour.

18ct diamond and sapphire kisses wedding ring

Sapphire is the Birthstone for September and is the Gemstone associated with 45 years of marriage! However, if Blue is not her colour, lets look at those that might just hit the spot.

Pink Sapphire (Coloured by chromium) is probably the next best known producing many shades of pink right through to almost red when it crosses over into Ruby! Pink Sapphires, like Rubies, are thought to ward off ill-health and misfortune and who doesn’t need a little of that!

18ct white gold sapphire and diamond earrings

pink sapphire and diamond ring

Until the end of the 19th century Yellow Sapphire was known as Oriental Topaz. These stones can sometimes appear a Yellowish Green. In fact, Green Sapphire is a lovely stone on its own and was at one time known as Oriental Peridot! In Australia you can also find an unusual variety of banded Green/Blue Sapphire.

18ct diamond and yellow sapphire ring

18ct green sapphire and diamond ring

For a touch or originality, why not try Orange Sapphire. It is such a warm yet vibrant colour, particularly when offset with crisp, sparkling Diamonds

18ct rose-gold diamond and orange sapphire ring

If you cannot decide from this amazing myriad of colours, why not have them all!!  We can obtain pieces of jewellery that encompass them all.

sapphire and diamond necklace

Equally, why don’t you select from a range of loose stones sourced in your colours, especially for you and we will assist you to create a design that is also unique to you. That’s right, at Biagio the Jewellers, it is all about You.

One last Royal footnote:

Jack Brooksbank proposed to Princess Eugenie with a ring which features a Peachy coral coloured Padparadscha sapphire, surrounded by diamonds. The sapphire name translates as “lotus blossom” and is one of the rarest in the world.