Hottest Wedding Trends For 2018

If you’re getting married in the next year or so, you might well have to come to Biagio The Jewellers for wedding jewellery inspiration, but with so many options available, the choices can be overwhelming. Perhaps a look at the hottest new trends for weddings, from dresses to decor, might lend a little guiding light in choosing your look?

3D Florals

Hot on the heels of their debut Fall/Winter 2017 bridal collection winning ‘Best Bridal Gown Collection’ at the Elle Brides awards, Viktor & Rolf continue to win the hearts of brides-to-be and fashion editors alike with their much-lauded Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Featuring stripped-back minimalist lines their dresses offer clean, defined silhouettes, yet the effect is softened by the application of romantic, handmade (and often full-sized) flowers strewn across skirts or delicately adorning necklines. We aren’t talking about printed or embroidered florals though. The trend for 2018 is for applique florals that offer texture to gowns and veils; a theme repeated to great effect over at Oscar de la Renta too.

The trick here is not to overdo the florals with your jewellery; let the dress do the talking. Keep jewellery understated and elegant, and what could be more elegantly understated than a pair of diamond stud earrings?

18ct white gold diamond earrings, £717


No, we’re not talking fairy-themed weddings here, this is a much more grown-up trend and it's all about air. Transparency is set to be huge in 2018 with everything from venues to invitations going see-through.

Bring the natural world into your wedding without weather-worries by holding your special day in a glasshouse or orangery. Hang printed perspex seating-plans and send see-through invitations. Transparent chairs, tables and vases (and we’ve seen see-through altars) all allow guests a clear view of the action without distraction, as well as blending into the surroundings in an almost ethereal, barely-there way. Maybe stop at the dress though!

Keep your jewellery on-trend with this emerald-cut clear aquamarine pendant:

9ct aquamarine necklace, £241

Pledge it with Pearls

2017 witnessed the return of the pearl and these watery treasures continue to gain in popularity, especially where weddings are concerned. Perhaps no other gem better echoes the lustre of a silken wedding dress than the creamy iridescent glow of pearl, and it’s for this reason that they make excellent embellishments for a luminous, resplendent theme. Pearls also make a good alternative for those brides not excited by sparkles.

Not just for dresses, headpieces and hair-vines, imitation pearls can be scattered over tables and added to invitations. Strands can be draped over candelabras or dotted through bouquets. When it comes jewellery only real, natural pearls carry true radiant luminescence. Light up your big day with these gently glowing gems:

Baroque white drop earrings by Claudia Bradby, £46

Vintage Romance

The love affair with times-past is enduring and understandably when there are so many eras of iconic design to draw on. Inspired by the great romances of the late 19th century (Robert Browning & Elizabeth Barrett, Percy & Mary Shelley, not to mention the great Queen and her consort Prince Albert), Victoriana is an ever-fashionable theme for weddings.

Lately, Art Deco and specifically Great Gatsby styled-weddings have been making a splash with brides and grooms styling venue decor with glamorous geometric motifs and roaring 20’s themed receptions. Jazz up gentlemen with this vintage-inspired watch by Gucci:

Gucci Vintage watch, £830

Golden Wedding

The coppery-pink tones of rose gold are still big news and it’s true that this romantically-coloured metal certainly hits the all the right notes as an accent for wedding parties, but we’re starting to see yellow gold regain its position as most desirable metal over recent weeks. Whilst yellow gold may lack the prettiness of it’s rosier sibling, it makes up for it with a sense of timelessness and a warmer disposition. Yellow is more apparent too, making classic gold more attractive to the eye, as well as creating a deeper contrast when set against gemstones like diamonds. Plus, unlike the paler metals of white gold and platinum, to the untrained eye, yellow gold is less likely to be mistaken for anything else. Join the new gold rush:

D-Shaped yellow gold ring, from £111

Brilliant Diamond yellow gold ring, from £537

18ct princess cut diamond halo ring, £4,100