Gifts For The Girls. A Guide To Bridal Party Giving

Your best girls have been with you through it all; from the joy of the proposal to the intricacies and stresses of wedding planning, what’s more they’ve devised the perfect sending off with a fun-filled hen night or ladylike bridal shower. But their role of chief supporters doesn’t end there. There’s plenty for them still to help with on the big day. 

Your bridal party has been involved in one of the most important events of your life, you could show your appreciation with a special gift or momento to thank them for their support and serve as a reminder of a very special day. 

Maid of Honour

The CEO of bridal event planning has no doubt had almost a big a job to do as you, what with being in charge of co-ordinating the pre-wedding celebrations. Ensuring that bride (who is likely also her best friend) has the time of her ‘single’ life before tying the knot is a big responsibility. We all know how difficult it can be to co-ordinate the diaries of busy bridesmaids and finding a bridal shower date that works for everyone is just the tip of the iceberg! There might be outfits to create, hotels to book, gifts to buy and surprises to plan. That’s not to mention the bride’s nerves to soothe on the day itself. 

Give her a gift to let her know how much you appreciate her efforts:


Bovalino silver gold plated earrings by Sif Jakobs


Similarly to your main gal, your bridesmaids have been busily arranging, rearranging and generally beavering away to ensure you that your last few weeks and months of singledom are memorable for all the right reasons. They’ll also be on-hand on the day to kick things off with a bang and a bucks fizz, whilst powdering noses, curling hair and chattering away to keep your nerves at bay. 

Last minute venue decorations to lay-out? Your bridesmaids will hot-foot it over to get the job done. Unexpected extra guest? Leave it to your ladies to negotiate the seating plans and catering. 

These girls are your wedding angels and we have the perfect necklace to let them know it:

Angel wing pendant

Angel Wing pendant by Jenny Brown


The littlest and cutest of your attendants, flowergirls are generally girls between 4 and 7 years old. Children younger may well be struck with a sudden attack of shyness and refuse to walk down the aisle, whilst those older than 7 might feel a little too grown-up for this role. Whilst they don’t have a huge amount to do, other than walk down the aisle looking scrumptious, even for age-appropriate flowergirls it’s a big event and they can easily feel overwhelmed or over-excited. 

You can help them look their cutest, whilst also giving them something sparkly to hold their attention with a gorgeously girly gift:


Pink girls watch by D for Diamond


She’s been equally apprehensive and looking forward to this day since the day you are born. Her little girl is all grown-up and getting married, and it’s a major milestone in her life as well as yours. 

Your mum is your champion. She’s the one who tended your scraped knees, nursed you through coughs and colds, chased away your nightmares and basically taught you to be the wonderful person your fiance wants to spend the rest of their life with. But a mother’s job is never done. She’s probably been the main adjudicator of dresses and venues and as the mother-of-the-bride she’s the perfect person to take charge of guest lists, RSVP’s and wedding contractors. Show her how much you love her with a really special wedding day present: 


9ct Aquamarine earrings

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