Diamonds With Love

The feeling of heady anticipation is rising with every advent window we open. The countdown is on… it’s only 20 days until Christmas! 

9ct yellow gold and diamond drop earrings - £240.00

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved one this Christmas, look no further. 

Imagine their faces when they rush down the stairs to pick out a beautifully wrapped present from under the Christmas tree to find a shimmering diamond upon opening it. 

Diamond necklace - £222.00


Show the true strength of your love with diamonds, not only a girl's best friend, but also the hardest gemstone on earth. What better way to show your unbreakable love? They’ll will bring a lifetime of lasting memories.  


 9ct white gold and diamond ring - £1579.00

Our love of diamonds is lasting, we have long been smitten by their exquisite beauty. Many revered historical figures are known to have had a love of diamonds including Napoleon and Queen Victoria. Diamonds have long been believed to have magical qualities, they’ve been used to ward off evil spirits and cure nightmares. Their name derives from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means indestructible. The Greeks believed that the sparkle of diamonds was the sign of the inextinguishable flame of love. 

Black diamond necklace - £713.00


Diamonds have seemingly been used in engagement rings forever but it was actually a romantic Austrian nobleman called Archduke Maximilian who started the trend in 1477. He proposed to his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy with a beautiful diamond ring and the rest is history!  


Diamond eternity ring - £1,185.00

For those lovers of a twinkling delights it certainly ‘tis the season to be sparkly’. If the splendour of these shimmering stunners has caught your eye, we have plenty more where they came from. Pop in-store or online to see our full range.