Design Your Own Wedding Rings 

You’ve been gazing in shop windows and poring over endless pages online since you got engaged, but you just can’t find the perfect wedding rings. It’s not that you can’t find beautiful, finely crafted classic bands or that you can’t find something a little bit different, it’s just that nothing is quite, well, ‘you’. 

Perhaps you dream of something totally unique, a one-off expression of you, your relationship and your style? Maybe you’ve found something that’s almost right but you just wish you could tweak the design or change the metal? Maybe you’ve got no idea what you want in a wedding ring, but you know you haven’t found it?

Biagio the Jeweller specialises in guiding couples through the process of creating custom wedding rings and designing bespoke styles, and it’s just as engaging and rewarding journey for us as well as you. There’s nothing more exciting than designing your own rings and creating something that truly symbolises you and your partner’s life together. It’s so rewarding to take home something beautiful, handcrafted just for you and nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing your dreams made into reality. 

One Ring Designed Your Way - Play with all the options here.

Every single ring in our Bespoke Wedding Rings Collection is completely customisable. As a starting point why not try playing with the options available for our hundreds of bespoke models? Pick your most-desired precious metal, add diamonds or your favourite gemstone, choosing carat weight, clarity and band width. Have your rings engraved with a meaningful message or your wedding date perhaps? Whatever options you choose we’re on-hand in-store to help you put together your ideas into the final rings and if you can’t make it to one of our stores, you can even create your rings right from your sitting room using our Bespoke website

If you’re looking for something even more unique then talk to us about what inspires you and our designers will breathe life into your inspiration. Wherever you are in the world, we can work together to craft your own one-off piece or re-design a family heirloom to wear today.  Our specialist team can consult with you over email using drawings and computer-generated graphics to craft your design. However, as good as our team are at interpreting your wishes remotely, it is good to talk from time to time, so if you can find the time to arrange a phone consultation or even better to arrange a one-to-one consultation in person at one of our stores and we can get spur those ideas on. 

We know that designing your own rings may sound costly and we are experienced at creating luxurious pieces, but rest assured your custom-made wedding rings need not cost the earth. Our jewellery design experts will do their best to realise your dream rings designed just for you keeping your budget in mind.

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