Country Romance

Love in the city can be wildly exciting and super-chic, it can lend an air of refined avant-garde, yet it also has rather less attractive connotations too.

The backdrop to romance might seem sophisticated at first with its dazzle of electric blue and orange lights on soaring glass towers against the black night sky, but these are artifices which soon fade in the thin, grey morning light. The city is noisy and full of unchecked ambition, romances are exciting and fast but all too often pressurised and short-lived, and thats when its even possible to find love at all amidst the struggle to carve out a career. Its no wonder many choose to escape to the country at weekends or as the saying goes in town Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays and eventually heading out to the country more permanently.

And here in Oxfordshire, we are blessed with some of Englands most beautiful pastoral scenery to lure you outside for long, heady walks. Field after field of soft greens and golds, framed by stands of dark oak and pine opening up to wide watercolour skies surely can't fail to unlock even the most reserved of hearts. Add unaffected honey-coloured cottages, an abundance of fascinating wildlife and the nourishment of fresh-air and hearty fare and you have perfectly nurturing conditions for gentle, yet well-rooted and halcyon relationships to grow.

Take a look at our nature-inspired edit of jewellery and give your pastoral paramour a long-lasting gift of love this wedding season:

 Pretty flower ring Cubic zirconia flower ring - £48.00

A beautiful 9ct white gold butterfly pendant set with two different colours of blue topaz on an adjustable white gold chain. Length 16" - 18".

9ct blue topaz necklace - £322.00

A great pair of silver drop bee earrings.

Silver bee earrings - £53.00

A fabulous silver bangle/bracelet set with two cabochon amethysts. Adjustable.

Silver and amethyst bangle £84.00 

A lovely silver tree pendant set with amethysts and freshwater pearls on a silver 18" chain. 

Silver amethyst and pearl tree pendant and chain £110.00


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