Circles - The Symbol Of Everlasting Love

Having been to both Wimbledon and the premiere of The Lion King, the Duchess of Sussex has been back in public eye after giving birth to her son Archie. As always, we have been keeping our eyes peeled and have spotted some striking additions to her jewellery box!

One ring that particularly caught our eye was gracing her finger at Wimbledon. Not only has the band on her engagement ring been swapped from a yellow gold design to a micro pavé, but she was also donning a very on-trend disc motif ring for a modern twist on the signet ring. 

Rings, discs and circles are a universal symbol with extensive meaning. The ancient Egyptians believed that a loop of rope in the form of a circle, with no beginning and no end, symbolised everlasting love. An example of this is the highly symbolic wedding ring. 

The yin yang symbol is also made up of circles. It explores the idea of wholeness and how outwardly opposite forces can be interwoven and complementary to each other. Whereas, the Celtic people saw the circle as a protective emblem, used as a boundary not to be crossed. Keeping out evil and enemies while protecting everything inside. 

Circles are not a new phenomenon in their use in jewellery, however they have certainly had a recent resurgence, with celebrities in all walks of life currently donning their favourite spherical pieces. With that in mind, we’ve been exploring our favourite designs incorporating discs and circles, so here’s our round-down of top picks to keep you looking effortlessly stylish and totally on-point: 


Novara silver gold plated ring by Sif Jakobs - £99.00

Silver ring by The Precious Frog - £150.00


Silver and chalcedony ring - £177.00 SALE £123.90 

Grezzana ring by Sif Jakobs - £79.00


18ct white and rose gold diamond and garnet ring - £5,869.00


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