A Little Bit Of Luxury

Twinkle, twinkle little gem. Treat your loved one to exquisitely crafted jewellery that she’ll treasure forever. Indulge her and show your unreserved love this Christmas. Are you looking for the perfect little gem for a devoted jewellery fan and a lover of all things sparkly? 

Beautiful ring with a rainbow of sapphires.

Sapphire and diamond ring - £3,150.00

Like the Duchess of Cambridge, does she have a penchant for sapphires? Symbolising fidelity, truth and sincerity it is hardly surprising that sapphires have long been favoured by royalty and noblemen. 


Stunning sapphires shimmering with a surround of diamonds in a drop necklace

Sapphire and diamond necklace - £6,286.00

These precious gemstones have consistently been held in high esteem, so much so that the Ancient Persians believed that the earth sat on a giant pedestal of sapphire which they thought made the sky blue. 

Or are diamonds more her style? Marylin Monroe was certainly onto something when she told us that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. Diamond has always been, and remains to this day, the most valued of all stones. 

Yellow gold ring studded with diamonds.

Diamond band ring - £4,432.00 

Maybe something more modern? Being the birthstone for December, tanzanite is a fitting choice this Christmas. It's a beautiful colour has made this stone popular with many leading ladies such as Penelope Cruz, who has it as the central stone for her engagement ring.

Tanzanite drop earrings

Tanzanite and diamond drop earrings - £4,453.00

Perhaps she would prefer to channel  her inner Coco (Chanel) with pearls? The ultimate Goddess stone, pearls are associated with water and the moon (unsurprisingly, given its appearance), both of which are considered feminine by many spiritual systems.

Alyssum Akoya pearl bangle by Fei Liu - £1,500.00

Or emeralds for your green-eyed girl? The Jewel of Kings, emeralds have made their way into the collections of royalty since time immemorial; adored by rulers down the ages from Cleopatra to the Moghul Emperors and up to the present day, they can be found in the state coffers of palaces all over the world.

Beautiful emerald shouldered by two diamonds

Emerald and diamond ring - £3,644.00

Is durability an important factor? After diamonds, rubies are the hardest natural gemstone – this could be one of the reasons they have long been a popular choice for engagement rings for both royalty such as Princess Margaret and celebrities including Eva Longoria. 

Gorgeous rubies in a circle surrounded by diamonds

Ruby and diamond necklace - £2,205.00

Looking for something that truly expresses your love? Head in store and our team of experienced jewellery consultants will be delighted to assist you. Whatever your lady-love’s style, we have the perfect gift for her, take a look at our Christmas Gift Guide for some more inspiration