9 Glorious Yellow Gold Earrings

The classic gold earring has long been a staple in every girls jewellery box, versatile, easy to wear and always in fashion. But although the ever-popular hoop is still very much a must-have, more recently the fashionistas in the know are venturing into more architectural, sculptural and decorative variations of this staple. 

With long balmy evenings in the golden rays of sunshine, July has begun with a feeling of hope and excitement. Whether you’ll be sipping Pimms at Wimbledon or taking in the heady scent of the seemingly endless blooms at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, these gorgeous golden numbers are sure to mean you fit right in. 

From classic gold knot stud earrings to Sif Jakobs Valiano Circolo earrings we have chosen 9 glorious gold earrings to bring the sunshine of summer to your lobes: 

1. These 18ct gold and diamond trefoil drop earrings from Biagio Patalano’s Artistry Collection transport us to the parterres of a Renaissance garden with it's clean lines and trefoiled forms. 

2. When these shimmering Monterosso silver gold plated earrings by Sif Jakobs catch the light you will be glittering with the best of them!

3. These Shooting Star earrings by Fei Liu depict the movement of the burning rock as it trails ablaze through the night sky.

4. For a classic look that never goes out of fashion these timeless 9ct yellow gold knot stud earrings are just the thing. 

5. Bring a modern twist to the humble hoop and add a bit of colour with these Valiano Circolo earrings by Sif Jakobs.

6. The everlasting love of the infinity knot is embodied within the feminine curves of these Fei Liu Serenity earrings

7. These bespoke 1.34ct - 0.35ct Diamond 18ct Yellow Gold stud earrings will make you feel like royalty, after all who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?

8. These intricate Indian-inspired filigree earrings bring with them a touch of history, filigree has been incorporated into jewellery since 3,000 BC.

9. If you are looking for the perfect everyday studs, look no further! These beautiful gold Follina earrings by Sif Jakobs are easy to wear and very versatile. 

Go on, bag one our Top 9 and capture a drop or two of sunshine for yourself, or explore our full range of yellow gold jewellery here or in-store. 

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