6 Handy Hints to Help Find The Wedding Ring For Him

The bride’s ring finger is beautifully adorned, but the groom’s might still be bare. It's time to pick a wedding band for the groom. 

Wedding rings for men have come a long way, but assuming the groom isn’t much of a jewellery-wearer, finding something he will commit to wearing for life might be tricky. Perhaps it might be best to start with considering his natural, everyday style. If he’s a laid back chap then a classic, low-profile wedding band might be better, but a dapper and dandy fellow might like something a little more eye-catching. 

Thankfully, there are a world of options in men’s wedding ring designs today, plus designs are often more comfortable and hand-friendly than of old. Here’s Biagio, the ringmasters, Edit for men:

The Modern Classic:

Domed rings are the classic choice for men's wedding bands. Indeed, some of the first wedding rings for men were domed.  Simple, understated design suits the personal style of many men, especially those who don’t wear jewellery as a rule, as well as those who don't want anything too stand-out.. Plus, they're available in just about every metal and come in many varied widths.


Satin Domed Wedding Band

The Dark Horse:

Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit edgier and maybe a little darker? The carbon inlaid designs could be just the ticket. Carbon rings often feature a metal with a strip of carbon fibre around, giving a deeply masculine, bolder look.  


Carbon Inlay Ring (available in-store only)

The Bespoke:
Gentlemen, no more one-size-fits-all here. It’s all about you, what suits your lifestyle, character and general mode. Whether your lifestyle means you’ll want to explore a simpler, comfort-fit band, or you are looking to wear a more intricate design everyday. If you spend a lot of time working with your hands, then platinum is more durable than gold and avoid matt finishes which will show up scratches. If your ring is less likely to get knocked or scratched in your day to day then something more decorative could fit the bill, maybe a woven style or with a subtle gemstone centrepiece.


Diamond and Rose Gold Band  


Biagio’s has an extensive collection of customisable wedding rings for both men and women. 


The Comfortable One:
In recent years, designers have cleverly incorporated ergonomics into their ring designs, making rings more comfortable to wear (especially important when it’s ring that’s intended to be worn all day, everyday). Softly curved interior walls skim the fingers, rather than dig into the skin, as can be the case with some flat-sided designs. Sometimes the top and bottom of the ring differ to allow a more forgiving fit, the bottom being tapered and undecorated where the rings sits on the join between finger and knuckle, and the top designed more decorously where it has less contact with the skin. 



Comfort Fit Ring

The Blingy One
Diamond’s aren’t just a girl’s best friend anymore, they’re perfectly appropriate buddies for boys too. If you are an uber-stylish sir who prides himself on eye-catching accessories then you’ll love a little subtle (or not so subtle) sparkle.
To prevent your ring looking too gaudy keep stones understated and wearable. Maybe a style with the stone set flush to the surface, creating a totally smooth exterior so your stone won’t catch on clothing. Look for channel-set round or square diamonds. And how about black, champagne, and yellow diamonds as an alternative instead of the usual white?


Black Diamond Ring


The Golden One
For some years now, platinum has been the popular choice with couples, for it’s durability and wearability, and recently rose gold has become the metal most-desired with it’s warm, coppery tone. However, yellow gold was the traditional choice of metal for wedding bands and we’re just starting to see a resurgence in the champagne-coloured kind. 

Whilst rose-gold can at times go out of fashion and the white metals can be hard to distinguish from each other, gold is always a la mode and unmistakable. Get the golden touch:


Traditional Gold Ring


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